Chicago Machine Democrats Attempt To Toss Conservative Black Female Off The Ballot

In another move reminiscent of the mafia controlled elections of the past, the Democrat Chicago machine goes above and beyond the law in order to have a Conservative black female challenger removed from the ballot.

Who is Ms Cedra Crenshaw and why haven’t we heard more about her?  Ms Crenshaw is attempting to run for state office in Illinois, however, the Chicago machine is having none of that.  Regardless of what the voters may desire, Chicago Democrats have already decided that they are content with the unpopular Democrat in office and are re-interpreting the law in order to have him run unopposed.

According to Ms Dana Loesch, Ms Cedra Crenshaw has met all the requirements to run for office, however, the unethical Chicago Democrat Machine continues to challenge her right to run for office and have succeeded in having her temporarily removed from the ballot based on a flawed, and rather desperate, interpretations of the Illinois election laws.  

Ms Loesch’s interview with Ms Crenshaw in regards to her appeal is quite eye-opening.

This is so reminiscent of how ‘The Won’ made his way into the Senate by having all his competition removed from the ballot.  Something the lame stream still refuses to report on.

As I have often said of Socialist Democrats, they do not believe in truth, fact, justice or the rule of law, when it works against them.  They will go to any length, no matter how racists, sexist, underhanded, or illegal, in order to steal an election and remain in power.

As the November 2010 elections draw near it continues to become more interesting.  I seriously doubt that all the elections will be settled on the day after.   I believe we can look forward to numerous claims of election fraud and Democrat electioneering that could leave many elections contested for months to come.  Afterall, 2500 dead people, and thousands of illegal immigrants, elected Mr. Stuart Smalley to the Senate and he ordained by only a handful of votes (I would have said elected, but in truth he lost the election and was awarded the seat by unethical lawyers and politicians).

In answer to my earlier question, like the truth on the economy, the oil spill, the Arizona Immigration Law, etc, etc, etc… the media and the government will go to any length to keep Americans from hearing stories like this. They do not want America knowing the truth in regards to the way Socialist Democrats do business.  It is the Chicago way, it is the Socialist way, they are both the same way, as the methods and goals of the lawless and Socialist Democrats have become one in the same.

Though things are becoming much harder to hide.


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