Virginia Black Conservatives Reject NAACP Racism

I received the following item from the Prince William County Tea Party

Leaders of Virginia’s black conservative community who are strong supporters of the tea party movement issued the following statements today denouncing the NAACP for adopting a resolution condemning the Tea Party movement:

Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., President of STAND, Chesapeake VA “While I have great admiration for the historic contribution the NAACP once made toward equality and justice for black Americans, they have lost their way. Instead of seeking justice, they play racial politics and march lockstep with the far left. They were once independent. Now liberals say jump, and the NAACP says, ‘How high?’

“The NAACP was silent during the hateful, racist, anti-Semitic rants of Jeremiah Wright and the New Black Panther Party. Instead of defending Kenneth Gladney’s right to freely express his political views as a black American, they were silent when he was viciously attacked at a Tea Party rally and called the “N” word by SEIU thugs. It seems that the NAACP is only for the advancement of liberal “colored” people. Therefore it has lost credibility as a true civil rights organization.”

 Sonnie Johnson, President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Virginia, Woodbridge VA “Here comes the Talented Tenth to the racial rescue! As an organization claiming to represent the black community, the NAACP would serve that community well by focusing on the critical issues of unemployment, education, and financial literacy. But instead they are playing politics with a racial resolution against the Tea Party—a non-partisan organization that represents Black, White, Brown, and all colors in between.

 “From the Jackson Ward Area of Richmond to the Vinger Hill area of Charlottesville, I understand how the NAACP’s politics damages the black community. After forty years of advancing a big government agenda, trading political favors, and rewarding the children of former civil rights leaders for the courage shown by their parents, they continue to destroy productive communities that could otherwise flourish under the freedom that comes with small government.”

Gilbert Wilkerson, Richmond Tea Party Board of Directors, Richmond VA “As an African American, I expect the NAACP to condemn the violent crimes in our neighborhoods, the genocide of millions of unborn black babies, and the high dropout rate among our black youth. Instead, the NAACP steps over the weightier matters to condemn the Tea Party for unproven racial slurs and a few offensive posters about the president (which the Tea Party itself has condemned). Is this how the many black supporters of the NAACP want their money used?”

 Coby W. Dillard, Co-Founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party, Norfolk VA “With 15% of blacks unemployed and 13% in fair or poor health nationwide, one would expect the NAACP to focus on problems that truly damage the black community. Instead, they choose to sow more racial divisiveness against the Tea Party—a movement that seeks to restore those founding principles that unite Americans of all colors as one nation, indivisible.

 “Sadly, this continues the NAACP’s recent history of division among the very lines they claim to work to eliminate. How unfortunate that this organization, with its proud history during the civil rights era, chooses to denigrate the Tea Party movement instead of seeking common ground.

 “When the NAACP is truly ready to work towards its goal of ‘One Nation, One Dream,’ they are welcome to unite with us as we work towards that same end.”

I was going to title this post ‘NAACP, One Nation, One Dream, With Diversity, Race Baiting And Social Elite Rulers For All’.  But, I decided to go more with the theme offered by the Tea Party.

How is it that Dr. Martin Luther King stood in our nation’s capitol and told us of a dream he had where children grow up never taking note of another one’s differences,  where a person is measured by the content of their character and not the color of their skin,  yet the NAACP, once a civil rights organization, has become all about creating ‘diversity’?  Keeping us diverse.  Keep reminding us how different we are from one another.  Keep us at a distance based on where we come from and not who we are.  Keep our differences fore front in the minds of our chilren so that they can keep us divided along racial lines and ‘never’ allow us to accept the fact that we are all the same.

The actions of the NAACP, in declaring the Tea Party as racists, go 100 percent against the teachings of Dr. King.  The NAACP has judged the Tea Party, not by the content of their character, not by the content of their actions, but by the misguided leftist media perception that they are all white cross burners. 

This is not the act of civil rights advocates that are concerned with the truth, justice and the rights of others.  This is the act of a racist political organization that desperately desires to please its’ Liberal masters.

Why, I ask you, would the NAACP turn its’ back on the core values of its’ founders in order to participate in a political stunt that is simply designed to please the white liberal establishment?  A Liberal establishment that has done nothing to advance the cause of racial equality.  The  actions of the NAACP, in playing the race card against the Tea Party, have nothing to do with civil rights and everything to do with the Socialist Liberal politics of destruction that purposely seek to keep us separate and unequal.

Like the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education and the Department of Labor, the NAACP has simply lost its’ focus and become another political organization destined to destroy more than it can save.  It has become the problem and not the cure.

‘One Nation, One Dream’ is more in line with the goals and views of the Tea Party than that of the current NAACP.  If the NAACP wishes to be relevant  in solving the problems of the day, they should embrace the goals of ‘One Nation, One Dream’ and work with the Tea Party to create ‘Unity’ and not divide us the with the diversity racism that have been forced upon us by the Socialist Liberals that have taken control of our Society.

Like Dr King, I too have a dream.  A dream where people are respected and loved for who they are, not what they are.  A dream where every person earns his or her rewards based on the effort they put in, not what they can simply take away from others.  A dream where every voice is respected.

Unfortunately, for the NAACP they have fallen into the diversity trap that the Liberals have laid for them.   Their failure to even recognize the self-inflicted damage they have done speaks so much louder than the false accusations they have made.


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  2. […] Virginia Black Conservatives Reject NAACP Racism « SirKnob's Blog […]

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