Howard (don’t let the facts get in the way) Dean Continues To Prove He Is A Race Card Playing Moron

Mr. Howard Dean blames FoxNews for the firing of Ms. Shirley Shirrod even though the Obama Administration had asked for her resignation prior to Fox providing coverage of the story.

Notice the deer in the headlights look when Mr. Chris Wallace informs Mr. Dean of the facts.  Of course the facts do not matter to Mr. Dean.  He goes on to sputter something about the fear generated by the possibility that the story would be on Beck’s show.

The underlying story here is one based on Democrat bait and switch tactics.  When the story first appeared on Mr. Andrew Breitbart’s webpage it had nothing to do with Ms. Shirrod.   The purpose of Mr. Breitbarts post was to show the NAACP audience applauding Ms. Shirrod when she related that she had purposely withheld assistance from a person because he was ‘white’.

Later, in the full length version of the video, Ms. Shirrod explains that she was wrong to withhold assistance from the person because he was white.  However, prior to the audience learning of this, the NAACP audience heartily applauded her for her racist act of withholding the assistance due to the person’s race.  That was the purpose of Mr. Breitbart’s post.  The fact that the NAACP approved of such racism.  His post had nothing to do with acusing Ms. Shirrod.

The NAACP and the White House both over reacted to the video and the White House immediately asked Ms. Shirrod to resign.  Now Mr. Dean wants to make a claim that it is Fox News and the Tea Party’s who are at fault for not reporting the full story, when the NAACP was in possession of the full video and they also requested that Ms. Shirrod be fired prior to Fox News covering the story.

The White House, the NAACP, the Democrats and the blame stream media are in full attack mode.   They cannot defend their racists actions, however, they can change the facts of the story and blame someone else. 

This is the motis operandi that has kept the Democrat party relevant for the past 50 years.  If the truth and facts were known the Democrat party would be about as popular as their fellow Communist party.  Afterall, they basically are one in the same if the truth be told.

Thank you Mr. Wallace for taking Mr. Dean to task on the basis of facts and truth.  Some things that is totally alien to him.

You know the left is losing when all they can do is play the race card over and over again.  The blame stream media is in full protect the Obama mode and one begins wonder just how many of them are willing to fall on their swords in order to protect their anointed Won. 


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