NewsBusted 8/27/10

August 27, 2010

NewsBusted 8/27/10 with your warm and friendly host Ms Jodi Miller ūüôā


Tim Hawkins – The Government Can

August 27, 2010

Mr Tim Hawkins rendition of ‘The Government Can’.¬† Sung to the tune of ‘The Candy Man’ and the truth rings free and clear¬†ūüôā

Posted on 25 August 09 and has over 3 million hits.

When You Are Holding A Hammer Everything Looks Like A Nail

August 26, 2010

Mr Bryan Glover, a Tennessee middle school football coach, was terminated from his job for e-mailing a link to this song,¬†that he co-wrote, to his entire address book, which included some of the school’s parents.¬† Apparently, Mr Glover’s sin against the Socialist Liberal administration broke one of the many obscure PC laws that states you can only attack the Christian’s God and Republicans if you are employed in the field of¬†education (I would normally say employed as an educator, but we all know that education¬†has been replaced by Socialist indoctrination in our public schools and has never been the focus of Socialist Liberals employed as educators).¬† Sing along, it is a catchy tune ūüôā

What can I say, the man has talent.¬† Which fully explains why the PC crowd had to get rid of him.¬† Afterall, talent, truth, fact, creativity and the ability to stimulate young minds are apparently sins against the Socialist Liberal religion that dominates our Nation’s education system.¬†

This would be funny if it was not so true ūüôā

Steve Wynn Declares That China Is More Business Friendly Than The USA

August 26, 2010

Mr Steve Wynn, businessman and Las Vegas real estate developer, declares that the public is frightened by politicians that are¬†ruining America.¬†¬† In defense of moving¬†his headquarters to China he declares that ‘Business people fear an out of control and unpredictable¬†US government more than they fear¬†a stable and predictable Chinese government’.

Mr Wynn notes that ObamaCare does nothing to reduce health care costs as promised and will in fact increase health care costs across the board.   The one item that would have reduced health care costs, tort reform, was not in the bill.

Yes Mr Wynn, you are correct, common sense has disappeared in Washington DC.  Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac continue to burn tax dollars and will no doubt implode the housing market and our economy again and again.  Washington DC politicians have become unstable to the point of insanity and our President is a devout Socialist bent on destroying capitalism in order to build a failed Socialist Utopia that will bring nothing but death and destitution.  

Washington DC has become little more than a banana republic, where reality simply no longer exists, Queens Nancy and Michelle offer to let the peasants eat cake, while they enjoy the Socialist Elite lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Our insane and out of touch politicians continue to fiddle while Rome burns as our President continues to toss gasoline on the flames while he and the lame stream media attempt to convince us that he is using a fire extinguisher.

Who can blame the Tea Party.  Nothing The Won has told us has been the truth.  Nothing the Socialist Politicians have told us has been the truth.  Even the lame stream can no longer hide the facts as more and more people are getting wise. 

NewsBusted 8/24/10

August 24, 2010

NewsBusted 8/14/10 with your bubbly host Ms Jodi Miller ūüôā

I apologize for the slim postings.  I had a minor surgery to my posterior area that kind of makes its difficult to sit and surf.  Not to mention the pain killers make me loopy.  Well, loopier than normal. 

I have so much to comment on, so little time.¬† I will work on getting out a hodge¬†podge, or two, by the weekend.¬† I hope everyone has a great day ūüôā

NewsBusted 8/20/10

August 20, 2010

NewsBusted 8/20/10 with¬† your witty host Ms Jodi Miller ūüôā

Tim Hawkins – Old Rock Star Songs

August 19, 2010

A little bit of humor to brighten your day ūüôā¬† Mr. Tim Hawkins take on Old Rock Star Songs.