Andrew Klavan On DE aka Democrat Embarassment

Mr Andrew Klavan on the Culture asks Democrats the following question:

Did you vote for Barack Obama? Feeling embarrassed by the results? Don’t be so hard on yourself; DE is more common than you think. Nearly 70 million voters may suffer from DE. Have your talk today with Andrew Klavan and find out what you can do to treat DE. You – and your country – will be glad you did.

Mr Klavan tells it like no one else can.  I know several Obama supporters that just do not have that defensive spirit anymore.  Hope and change are words that cause them to cringe and withdraw. 

One die-hard in the wool Liberal Dem, who used to be a good friend of mine,  will not even speak to me because he now knows that I was right and he was so wrong. 

Still, there are plenty of others that cannot seem to comprehend what a failure this President has been.  I wonder how many will be left standing come the 2012 election day?


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