Bill Whittle Takes A Historical Look At The Ground Zero Victory Mosque

Mr. Bill Whittle, Pajamas Media, takes a historical look at how the policies of appeasement encouraged our enemies.  He then asks, are modern policies of appeasement encouraging Islamic extremists?  What price will we pay for President Obama’s cowardice?

While the radicals of Islam are on the move in America we are forced to put ‘tolerance’ above common sense and safety.  This is the same mistake we made with the Japanese in WWII.  We knew exactly what the Japanese were capable of, but we decided to be tolerant and we lost our battle fleet, most of our air power, the Philippines and a hundred thousand military personnel.  We were pinned to the mat before the war had hardly began.

Socialist Democrats do not learn from history.  They distort history to fall in line with their flawed beliefs.  Why else would they support Socialism.  An ideal that has never worked, not one time in history.  Every time that Socialism has been tried it has resulted in the death and destitution of millions.  This appeasement of radical Islam and illegal immigrants will no doubt end with the same results.


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