What Does Democrat Rep Gerry Connolly Really Know

In a recent Washington Post article titled ‘Worried Democrats Courting Ederly Voters As Midterm Elections Near’,  Rep Gerry Connolly (D-Marxist), met with voters at a ‘gated’ retirement community in Springfield,  VA.  

 Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.) is no stranger to Greenspring Village, a gated retirement community in Springfield that is a frequent stop for local politicos. It leans Democratic, but that tilt is being tested in a year in which the party faces a perilous erosion of support from an age group that will probably play an outsize role in this year’s elections: senior citizens.

But the effort exposes a deeper problem Democrats face this fall: They have struggled to maintain support among seniors in recent years, even as they have racked up large margins among young adults. Voters older than 65 were the one age group that did not back Barack Obama in 2008, and their disenchantment has only grown since he took office — especially after his health-care overhaul was passed this year.

The financial meltdown two years ago hit those of retirement age the hardest, and seniors remain slightly more negative about the Democratic-backed health-care overhaul than the general public, according to polls. A striking number of seniors, about 36 percent, believed the misconception that the law “allowed a government panel to make decisions about end of life care for people on Medicare,” according to a July poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

For most of the visit, however, Connolly simply worked the crowd, calling the women “darlin’ ” and cracking jokes about his Irish heritage. He threw an arm around the shoulders of one Republican he knows, and the two engaged in good-natured ribbing. Connolly greeted many by their first names, and amazed one man by recalling that he had recently turned 90.

“I know everything,” Connolly responded. “I’m your congressman.”

The only thing that Rep Gerry Connolly (D-Buttkisser) really knows with any great detail is what Nancy Pelosi’s backside tastes like. 

Gerry Connolly has been nothing more than a Nancy Pelosi sock puppet since day one.  He has not represented his district and has voted party line on bills that he never even bothered to read, much less ‘know’ what was in them, or how they would affect his constitutents.  All he knew was that Ms Pelosi had ordered him to vote for them and that he must not disappoint his Socialist lord and master.

He tells a constituent that ‘he knows everything’, however ‘he doesn’t know’ what is in the health care bill that takes away billions of dollars from that constituent’s medicare, nor does he know, or care, how that bill will cause his constituent pain and suffering.

During his tenure in the Congress he has consistently voted against the wishes of the majority of his constituents, proving once again that he ‘does not know’ how to represent the voters, or dance with the one who brung ya. 

He obviously ‘does not know’ history either, else he would know that the Socialism he is practicing has never worked, not one time, in history.  It is a flawed model for civilization.  It will never work.  It will only make people suffer and lead to the death of millions as it always has in history.  Gerry Connolly just does not get it, he ‘does not know’.

From his very first day in office he made a moral decision to vote against the will of the majority of the people that he was elected to represent.   This is nothing new for Mr Connolly.  During his tenure as the Fairfax County Supervisor, against the will of the people of Fairfax County, he passed legislation that turned Fairfax County into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. 

The price of Mr. Connolly’s illegal immigrant friendly governance should not only be measured in the tax dollars spent on illegal immigrant welfare, nor simply the costs incurred by Lowes, Home Depot and others, who were forced to provide climate controlled illegal immigrant day labor recreational gathering facilities, complete with entertainment systems, bathrooms and catering, but also should include the costs of dealing with the resulting 22% increase in crime he created by turning Fairfax County into a sanctuary for illegal behavior (during the same time Prince William County passed strict immigration rules that resulted in a 21% decrease in crime).

Notice in the opening paragraph that I said ‘gated’ retirement community?  It is necessary to be ‘gated’ due to the increase in crime produced by Mr. Connolly’s legislative actions when he sat upon the Board of Fairfax County Supervisors. 

Does Mr. Connolly care about the results that he created by not listening to the voters?  Of course not.  It does not have any personal effect upon him, or his family.  Afterall, he also lives in a ‘gated’ community. 

Socialist Liberal Elites rarely have to deal with the ills that they ‘force’ upon the backs of the common people.  Why bother when congressmen like Gerry Connolly can simply pass legislative laws with riders that exempt themselves from having to abide by the law?  That is the status quote for Socialist Democrats and other members who do not respect the people they were elected to represent.  Besides, the boon in support and funding he received from the trail lawyers who benefitted from the increase in crime enabled him to gain favor and support from the Socialist Party members who control the Democrat Party.  Basically, his support of illegal behavior became a stepping stone to the Congress.   The law hurt the Fairfax County voters, but gained Mr. Connolly a House Seat.

Mr Connolly is a tried and true Socialist Politician.  He will say, or do, anything to get reelected and, if successful, will once again turn a deaf ear to those he was elected to represent.  He will continue to vote away our Constitutional Rights and think nothing of supporting a Socialist Elite cast system that will lead the majority of us down The Road To Serfdom .

He will not represent the people of Virginia.  He will continue to be a Socialist Sock Puppet for the radical Socialist Nancy Pelosi and he will also continue to vote against jobs, business, Constitutional Rights and the health and welfare of our Nation.  He will not vote in our best interests and therefore does not deserve to be reelected.

When it comes to representing ‘We The People’, Mr Connolly ‘knows nothing’.

Vote for Mr. Keith Fimian, for Congress VA 11,  in the upcoming November elections.  Let us send Mr. Connolly to the unemployment line where he can justify to the jobless why he consistently voted against them.


2 Responses to What Does Democrat Rep Gerry Connolly Really Know

  1. Janelle says:

    Thanks for the summation of Gerry Connolly. Actually, I feel that you could cut and paste numerous names and places right on top of this, which accounts for the dismal rating of Congress. Selling used cars is now rated way more highly…..think Carmax, here.
    there are more than a handful in Fl. who need to be handed a pink slip. Actually, I’m in favor of only allowing by vote two terms, then turn them loose to return to the public sector.

  2. SirKnob says:

    Hello Ms Janelle, Yes, his MO fits that of many of our elected officials, too many 🙂 Isn’t it odd how we are forced to look at politicians, used car sales people, attorneys and lame stream media personalities all in the same light. Some professional criminals seem to have more ethics and integrity 🙂 Yes, term limits would also prevent the ‘corruption over time’ of many elected officials that arrive in DC with good intentions. Many could serve with honor.
    Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a really great day 🙂

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