Hey Congress, US Small Business Is Not The Enemy!

A new ad from Free Enterprise Alliance that asks people ‘if you see a Senator or Representative at the airport, please ask them to stop killing small business jobs’.   Nicely done.

I think that it is fair to note that the major difference between this latest recession and the recession of 2000-2001 is the lack of job creation during the current recession.  The recession of 2000-2001 actually lost more jobs in the first couple of quarters, but also, with the help of Congress and President Bush’s economic team, kept creating jobs. 

The problem today is not so much the loss of jobs, but the job creation killing, tax and spend policies of our current ‘out of touch with reality” elected officials.  

President Obama’s current economic team is the most unqualified group of inexperience in the country when it comes to the needs of small business.  Not one of them has ever had to meet a payroll and the majority of their resumes consist of little more than success in spending other people’s monies.  

You cannot spend your way out of a recession.   You must use capital wisely and support small business initiatives that will create jobs, encourage people to work and add new taxpayers to the payrolls.  Not vice versa as President Obama, his ecomomic team and the Socialist Democrats have been doing.  


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