Desperate Democrat Eleanor Holmes Tells Lobbyist It Is Time To Pay For That Support

Democrat House Member Eleanor Holmes Norton attempts to twist the arm of a DC lobbyist that she believes has failed to provide the required funding in support of her reelection campaign.   Though the lobbyist has not yet been identified, they did offer up the voice mail left by the Congresswoman and it is provided here courtesy of Mr. Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government.

First, Ms Holmes is running in a ‘safe’ seat, she has no real competition, and I would be shocked if she were not reelected in Socialist DC.  Therefore, the idea that she would need this huge political monetary war chest in order to be competitive and continue to represent the interest of the lobbyist is kind of ridiculous.

Second, by identifying the projects that she is working on to the lobbyist, is she thus indicating to the lobbyist that they can buy her support for an issue that is important to them?

Third, she notes that as a senior member she is ‘obligated’ to raise funds.  By who I wonder.  Who is holding this over her head and telling her that she must solicit funds from lobbyist that are connected to issues that she is currently working on?  Nanny Pelosi maybe?  Barrack Obama?  Socialist Billionaire and owner of the Democrat Party George Soros?

Needless to say, but important to point out, if she made this call from her congressional office, as she most likely did, it does raise a specific ethics issue, but since when did that stop the Democrats.  Afterall, ethics only apply to those darn Conservatives, just ask Charlie Rangal or Maxine Waters.

This is just further evidence of why we need to take our government back from the current group of unethical un-representatives.  They are basically telling the lobbyist that their support comes with a price tag.  They are not there to represent the people who voted for them, they are only their to represent the people who buy them.  Government is currently for sale to the highest bidder.   It has become a Government that only represents special interests, but only if they pay for it.  We the People have become innocent victims of the crimes committed upon us  by  ‘drive by representatives’ like Ms Norton and her Socialist handlers.  

There are more questions asked and other ethical issues raised by Capitol Confidential at Big Government.



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