MSM Gearing Up To Help Democrat Party Win In November

In a laundry list attempt to thwart Conservative enthusiasm, Mr. Marc Ambinder, the politics editor of The Atlantic, chief political consultant to CBS News and a contributor to ABC News, makes no attempt to hide his political bias with the following statement.

The media is going to help the Democratic Party’s national messaging, which is that the GOP is a party full of Christine O’Donnells, a party that wants to take away your Social Security and your right to masturbate. Well, maybe not that last part, but then again, the implicit message of the party is that the GOP is about to elect a slate of hard social rightists to Congress. 

Is it any wonder why the majority of Americans do not trust the media to tell them the truth about anything? 

Mr Ambinder goes direct to the point, the lame stream media will use its’ political bias in order to distort the image of Conservative politicians.  This is open acknowledgement that he and the rest of the lame stream media firmly believe that it is their job to hide the truth and fool those who will listen.  They will make up lies, provide false testimony, make false accusations, distort facts and use any means, other than real reporting,  in order to keep the socialist elite power structure they support in place.

Lame stream journalist, like Mr. Ambinder, would rather see this nation continue down the path of Socialist Elite destruction that he and the rest of his American hating talking heads are largely responsible for.  Had Mr Ambinder, and his cronies, been a reliable sources of truth and fact in reporting, the Socialist would not be running the country, our economy would not be in the tank and unemployment would not be hovering near the reported 10% (in reality it is 16%). 

One can only come to the conclusion that Mr Ambinder and the rest of the lame stream media really do not like the United States and its’ hard working citizens all that much.

This is just another example of the lame stream media’s steady march into irrevalency.  What good are they if they cannot honestly report the news?


2 Responses to MSM Gearing Up To Help Democrat Party Win In November

  1. Janelle says:

    Sir Knob, join a tea party group if you can……visit the meetup site…..there is probably one near you. Go and report.

    • SirKnob says:

      Hi Ms Janelle, I hope this finds you well, thanks for the comment 🙂 Yes, I should plan to get out more. Our local Tea Party is very active and Gerry Connolly cannot hide forever. Hope you have a great day 🙂

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