Hugh Hewitt Points To Signs That All Is Not Well In ObamaLand

Mr Hugh Hewitt makes note of the controversy surrounding questioners at a recent Obama town hall event.  The President, normally limited to public exposure by Astroturf adoring fans and supporters, was totally unprepared for the hard questions asked by disillusioned supporters that are slowly coming to the realization that their emperor has no clothes.

Lost among the coverage given to the “I’m exhausted” exchange between the president and Velma Hart was a stunner from the president that went this way:

“The rhetoric and the politicizing of so many decisions that are out there has to be toned down. We’ve got to get back to working together. And this is part of my job as leader. It’s not just a matter of implementing good policies, but also setting a better tone so that everybody feels like we can start cooperating again instead of going at loggerheads all the time.”

Coming from President “I Won, You Lost” just as Harry Reid ginned up his re-election campaign by bringing before the Senate for certain defeat the so-called “Dream Act,” the so called “Disclose Act,” and an attempt to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” months before the Pentagon’s review of that proposed repeal is completed or circulated for comment is too much even for cynics to accept as garden variety White House hypocrisy. President Obama used his enormous majorities to jam through a wildly wasteful “stimulus” and the wildly unpopular Obamacare, but now that he is on the brink of losing those majorities, he wants a new era of cooperation.

Of course, the lame stream failed to report any of the controversy.  I guess they prefer going down with the storm-tossed hollow sinking ship that they have created, as opposed to exposing the general public to the truth, manning the lifeboats and weathering the storm.   One would think that, at some point, even MSNBC must place self-preservation above the slow and painful drowning they have visited upon themselves. 

Mr Hewitt goes on to note that the wheels are coming off the Obama train.

The training wheels have come off, and not even the combined effort of all the Beltway media to keep the president on his bike and moving forward is working. The economic policy “team” is scattering like a too-popular-too-soon boy band after a second album, and the White House’s “enforcer” Rahm wants out to run the efficient-and-thoughtful-by-comparison city bureaucracy of Chicago.

And we aren’t even at the halfway point of the term yet.

This isn’t a rerun of the Clinton knock-down and recovery. Clinton never swerved so far to the left, didn’t actually burden the economy with Hillary-care and, while he raised taxes, he also got his policy in place and left it there, providing predictability at the start of the dot-com boom.

By contrast, Obama has thrown massive uncertainty on to every employer’s balance sheet and has loosed the EPA to try and regulate carbon emissions on every manufacturer in the land. Even if there was a magical second dot-com boom ahead, the president has already spent all the tax revenues it would generate.

The mismanagement of everything is now being detailed in the first wave of insider books, and the rudely-exiled insiders are now sources-in-waiting for when their successors come up short. Even the dutiful MSNBCers cannot be expected to stay on board a quickly sinking ship much longer.

But, the indefatigable MSNBC is not only staying on board the sinking ship, they continue to help their Socialist Democrat masters who are disabling the pumps in an attempt to convince the public that their mortally wounded ship is no longer taking on water, but is in danger of being torpedoed by the GOP.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hopes to divert attention from the chaos that is the Obama Administration with ads charging GOP candidates with secret plots to destroy Social Security. This is the political equivalent of showing Reefer Madness to 9th graders in 2010. Is there a single voter who believes such nonsense for even a minute or is it just the product of a weariness so profound that not even paid operatives can be expected to try and find something from the past 22 months worth selling to the public as an achievement.

For the record, one can easily remember the lame stream media attacks on former President Bush and how his ‘cowboy politics’ where considered a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.  

The Won, however, a man who banned GOP members from the White House, wrote one party legislation behind closed doors, refused to allow debate, ignored public opinion, viciously attacked anyone disagreeing with him, lost 54 billion dollars, sued a state for enforcing Constitutional federal laws that he chooses not to, ignored the crimes of his political allies, fired inspector generals who attempted governmental oversight, attacked the Honduran government for enforcing their country’s Constitutional Law, bowed down to foreign dictators, played the race card repeatedly, all while he continued to blame George Bush for his every failure.   He gets a pass by the lame stream media and is allowed to call for a new era of bi-partisan?  Now, he wants us all to work together?  Now he wants to compromise? 

Oh heck no.  Number one, it is not in his DNA to compromise.  Number two, we are not going to be able to put this country back together by compromising Conservative positions in order to get Liberal support. 

We have tried that for the last 40 years and look where it has left us.  Almost broke, in debt up to our ear holes, being invaded by people out to destroy our way of life and a 40% populace that expects someone else to bail them out every time they act irresponsible.

President Obama and his Socialist Democrats are the most irresponsible group of elected officials to ever mis-lead this nation.  After all the damage and ill will they have created, they cannot possibly expect Conservatives to save them by embracing them in a new bi-partism approach to government.  We already know how that story ends.  We are still living in the nightmare.

Vote Conservative in November.  Make a statement.  Save your Country. 


2 Responses to Hugh Hewitt Points To Signs That All Is Not Well In ObamaLand

  1. Janelle says:

    Sing it, Sir Knob! And keeps this in mind… almost the whole lot in and out on a regular basis.

  2. SirKnob says:

    Hello Ms Janelle, thanks for the comment.. yes.. we need term limits in order to limit the corruption of power and cycle in elected officials that have a clue what it like to ‘live’ in USA. Hope you have a great day 🙂

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