Latest Poll 82% Now Believe That Media Is Bias

According to the latest Pew Center Poll, not only are more Americans following the news, 83%, those following are also spending more time taking in news.

However, all news not being equal, viewership of cable news is steadily dropping for CNN, MSNBC and CNBC, while FOXNEWS has enjoyed an increasing number of viewers.

Overall, cable news continues to play a significant role in peoples’ news habits – 39% say they regularly get news from a cable channel. But the proportions saying they regularly watch CNN, MSNBC and CNBC have slipped substantially from two years ago, during the presidential election.

Only Fox News has maintained its audience size, and this is because of the increasing number of Republicans who regularly get news there. Four-in-ten Republicans (40%) now say they regularly watch Fox News, up from 36% two years ago and just 18% a decade ago. Just 12% of Republicans regularly watch CNN, and just 6% regularly watch MSNBC.

Approximately one in four Americans still read print newspapers, however that is a 30% drop from two years ago.  Though online readership has offset some of the decline in print readership.

Only about one-in-four (26%) Americans say they read a newspaper in print yesterday, down from 30% two years ago and 38% in 2006. Meanwhile, online newspaper readership continues to grow and is offsetting some of the overall decline in readership. This year, 17% of Americans say they read something on a newspaper’s website yesterday, up from 13% in 2008 and 9% in 2006.

Now a real shocker, fewer Liberals are ‘enjoying’ the news today.  Hmm, wonder why that is?  Could it because the wheels are coming off the Obama gravy train?

And now for that headline promise 🙂  More trends and analysis.  Note the 82% that believe the media is bias with the majority claiming it has a Liberal slant.  Surprise, surprise.

• While 26% of all Americans say they read a print newspaper yesterday, that figure falls to just 8% among adults younger than 30.

• Far more men (50%) than women (39%) get news on digital platforms, such as the internet and mobile technology, on any given day.  Men are more likely to get news by cell phone, email, RSS feeds or podcasts than are women. But men and women are equally likely to get news through Twitter or social networking sites

• About eight-in-ten (82%) say they see at least some bias in news coverage; by a 43% to 23% margin, more say it is a liberal than a conservative bias.

• Roughly a third (35%) read a book yesterday, which is largely unchanged over the past decade.  Of those, 4% read an electronic or digital book.

• Among news audiences, Obama gets his highest approval ratings among regular viewers of Keith Olbermann (84% approve) and Rachel Maddow (80%); his rating is nearly as high among regular readers of the New York Times (79%). Obama gets his lowest ratings among regular Sean Hannity viewers (7%) and Rush Limbaugh listeners (9%).

• Partisan gaps in media credibility continue to grow, with Republicans far more skeptical of most major news sources than Democrats.  The one exception is Fox News, which twice as many Republicans believe all or most of (41%) than Democrats (21%).

I wonder what President Obama’s approval rating among viewers of Olbermann (a true nut case) and Maddow (Tokyo Rose), and the New York Times (fishwrap of mis-information) readers would be if the stories were reported without the hate, bias,  and mis-information that all three have become famous for.  If a little truth and fact were leaked into their reporting, would Obama’s approval rating go down, or would the now informed masses turn to other news for their daily fix of Liberal truth denial? 

Either way they are all three taking a gamble that no one who is fooled will wake up, come to their senses, and see through the lies, and that those who prefer to be lied to, and live in a fantasy world of denial, will never abandon them.  So far they seem to be losing that gamble big time.


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