Hey Congress, Illegal Immigration Is No Laughing Matter

During recent hearings, in the House of Representatives, on the subject of illegal immigration, the Democrat Committee Chair decided to bring in Comedian Steven Colbert and have him report to the committee, in character, on his vast experience with becoming a migrant farm worker for a period of ‘one day’.  

Mr. Duane Lester, All American Blogger, offers this video which illustrates that illegal immigration is not anything that the Democrats should be laughing about.

While Democrats yuck it up on the taxpayer’s dime, we here in Virginia recently had to mourn the traffic death of one of our fellow citizens who was involved in an auto accident with an illegal immigrant who was not only drinking and driving without a driver’s license, but had faced previous drunk driving convictions as well as previous deportations and was roaming free to commit this murder while awaiting an appearance at another deportation hearing. 

Elitist Socialist Democrats, who will do anything for a vote, obviously find this funny.   It is time for this insanity to stop. Vote them out in November.


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