What The Left Just Does Not Get About The Tea Party

If you are a left leaning person reading this post, I am writing this just for you.   I will attempt to explain to you that the Tea Party is not about racism, a return to the 18th century, nor even about whether an elected official has an R or a D next their name.

Those of you who express Conservative or Libertarian values already understand the issues before us and can see through the myth of the media, and talking heads, to the heart of the matter.  Our government has simply taken over and is no longer representative of the people.

Our form of government was developed based on a Constitution that our Fore Fathers painstakingly created in order to insure that the federal government would not become a tool to allow elitists to become rulers of the people and make decisions against the will of the majority.

This is the primary reason that we have three branches of government, the executive, the legislature and the judicial, to check and balance each other and insure that no one individual, or group, would be allowed unchecked control to do as they please without the intervention of the people.

We do not have that Today.  What we have Today is a corrupt group of Social Elitist that have reached the conclusion that the people ‘just do not know what is good for them’ and can no longer be allowed to have a voice in government.   They hide behind closed doors creating policy and voting it into law before the people have even had a chance to read, much less know or understand, what new authorities the government has granted itself.   This is not a representative government.  It is more in line with a dictatorship.

So why the Tea Party?

For far too long many of us have become so involved in our daily lives that we have become accustomed to trusting our elected officials with  the governing of this nation.  We work 40 hours a week, or more, take responsibility for our own welfare and the welfare of our loved ones, pay for our own mistakes and generally try to stay out of each others way.

While we have been paying attention to the issues and voting in elected representatives, we have somehow been short-changed when it comes to having our elected representatives represent us.  What we have witnessed is an ever-increasing, both in size and power, government that is destroying the very fabric of our society, taken away our freedoms and opportunities, designated Christians, working class people and wealth creators as the nation’s public enemy number one, while abetting and rewarding the irresponsible behavior of those entities that have become a burden upon all of us.  A burden that we can no longer afford.

If one were to take the representative government to measure one can easily see that, since the 30s, only one side has been willing to compromise and that is the right.  Slowly, but surely, year after year, the left has been allowed to move the bar farther and farther away from the right.  When the sad fact is that the majority of the country is much farther right than it is left.

As an example, if we look at the political landscape as a 12 inch scale.  Taking from 1 to 6 as the Conservative side and 6 through 12 as the Liberal side.  Ideally, a compromise would end up dead even, or at 6.  What we have witnessed, since the 30s, is that the rule of law never ends up below 6 or even close to 6.  For the past 80 years the rule of law has come down to 9, or above.  We Conservatives have been steadily losing ground to Socialist Liberal policies that do not reflect our values.   Though there have been times that we have been able to pull the margin closer to 6, we have never seen it at 5, or below.  With the creation of the Tea Party those times are over.  We have had enough.

From the 60s forward we have watched from the sidelines while small groups of leftist have been on the March and successfully changed our nation.  They have used our own good will and sense of fair play as weapons against us.  We have compromised in good faith only to be taken advantage of, while we watched our religion chased from the public square, our children Socialized and indoctrinated in atheism and unmoralistic behaviors, our values ridiculed and made fun of, our efforts overtaxed and used against us, our leaders held to a higher standard while slandered not in truth or fact, but simply for political gain of others less worthy. 

We have watched as our judicial system has been made into a mockery of justice that is now nothing more than a public money pit designed to assure the power and payoffs of unscrupulous judges, lawyers and politicians who know not the meaning of truth and justice, much less decency and fair play.  A judicial system that is all about the lawyers getting paid and not justice being served.  We watch as the guilty go free and are often rewarded, while the innocent are punished, not only by the courts and the legislatures, but also by the media and the fringe groups who do not reflect popular opinion.

We have watched as the main stream media has become nothing more than talking heads for the Socialist Elite and special interest groups.  Like our judicial system, so-called respected journalist could care less about reporting the truth, or the facts.  Instead we are offered a constant stream of bias information designed not to inform us, but to mold our behavior and political views.   Like our school system, they choose to indoctrinate rather than educate.

We have watched as an entire race has been subjected to daily interference and manipulation designed solely to keep them on the Democrat plantation, keep them uneducated, keep them in need, keep them from succeeding, keep them from breeding, keep them blaming others, keep them believing that the Conservative who fought for the freedoms that the Democrats denied them are the reason they are unsuccessful, keep them angry, keep them needy, but above all, keep them misinformed and voting Democrat. 

Also high on the list is to make the Conservatives pay for it all.  This is evidenced by the fact that no Conservative has controlled any major city (with the exception of NYC and that was a success story) with a majority minority population in the last 50 years.  Yet the Liberals who have been in control have also been successful in controlling the media/message and have been allowed to get away with blaming all the Liberal failures in governing on Conservatives who never had control.

We have watched as political correctness and racial diversity have divided this nation into hate groups and malcontents that want nothing more than to stir up as much hate and discontent as possible simply to make a profit.  And they do this in the name of civil rights.  This was not Dr. King’s message, nor JFK’s message, nor the message of any true civil rights leader.  Dr. King’s message was one of ‘unity’ where people did not dwell on their differences, but celebrated in what made them all the same.  Socialist Liberal’s have destroyed that message as they choose to divide and conquer through the diversity and PC stupidity that is designed to always keep us at odds with each other.  To always place our differences first.

Now, we The Tea Party, after years of losing compromises, playing in our own end zone with the ball on the one yard line and a fresh set of downs, are going to march that ball up field and across the 50 yard line.  We have had enough.  We will no longer suffer RINOs that will sell us out for their own political gain.  We will no longer suffer a government who does not represent us.  We will no longer let our religion be run off the public square.  We will no longer pay for the irresponsibilities of individuals and government programs that are inefficient and out of control.  We will no longer fund the stupidity of multiple government agencies being involved in our personal affairs.  We will no longer suffer under the rule of Social Elitists that believe they know better than the majority.  We will no longer allow the existence of out of control and unnecessary environmental policies that are purposely designed to destroy US manufacturing and send our jobs overseas.  We will never apologize for being Americans.  We will never apologize for being part of the greatest nation in the history of the World.  Nor will we apologize for the beating that we are about to inflict upon the Socialist policies that are currently bankrupting us all, corrupting our children and providing safety nets for irresponsible behaviors. 

If you gamble and lose that is your bad, your responsible, not us.  If you gamble and win, you certainly do not share your winnings with us, therefore, do not hold us responsible if you lose.  If you cannot afford to gamble, then show some responsibility and don’t do it.

We will love our country.  We will respect our beliefs and the beliefs of others fairly.  We will take care of the needy.  We will demand more for our tax dollars.  We will demand justice in our legal system.  We will demand equality in our laws.  We will demand that others be here legally and respect our laws.  We will provide for a fair and balanced education founded in fact and truth.  We will demand that our elected officials represent those that elected them.  We will demand that our tax dollars be spent frugally and wisely.  We will demand that our tax dollars not support those that would stand against us.  We will demand that justice be served against those that purposely set out to harm this nation in any way, shape, or form.  We will demand a strong defense of our nation, the rights of our citizens, the protection of our borders and our way of life.  We will demand the basic freedoms of a free society that respects the rights of others.  We will demand a focus on Unity in order to bring us closer together as Americans and allow each of us to achieve the American Dream.

This is what the Tea Party is all about.  We care about our heritage.  We care about losing our freedoms.  We are not as we are portrayed in the lame stream media, nor are we the evil that the Socialist Democrats, who are afraid of losing their power, portray us to be.  We are fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers who have simply had enough of the waste and corruption that is substituted for government these days.  We come from all walks of life, all races and genders and all political persuasions.  We come together in Unity in order to save our American way of life.

We are the citizens of the United States of America.  We love this country and we are tired of seeing it harmed.  We come together in sacrifice to assure that our best days are not behind us, but that there will be brighter days for America and brighter futures for our children.  

To those that oppose us be warned.  Though you lie, cheat and misrepresent, you will not win.  At some point in time there will be a reckoning.  While you do not have to join us, and your constructive and true criticisms of us are welcome, attempting to destroy us, or mis-lable us, or libel us for your own pleasure or political gain does have consequences.  It will result in us ignoring you when it comes time to putting things right in this country.

For those of you who have read this far with an open mind, you can join us.  If you still are not sure come to a gathering.  I promise that you will find the most normal, caring, honest, unbiased and considerate people on the planet.  If you are uncomfortable you do not have to stay and no one will judge you.  However, I have a feeling that once you know us, and know what we are truly all about, you too will be a Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party Member. 

Peace to all good people.


10 Responses to What The Left Just Does Not Get About The Tea Party

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    You teabaggers would be taken more seriously if your “Constitution violations” weren’t completely political. What about the Republicans lying us into war, attacking a sovereign nation that was no threat to us, spying on U.S. citizens without warrants, violations of the Geneva Conventions, politicizing the justice department, war profiteering… The activist right-wing SCOTUSs appointed our president in 2000 and decided that corporations are people.

    As far as the government not representing the will of the people, you right-wingers think that you’re the only people here. The majority wanted health care reform, regulation of banks, and the stimulus. You’re just pissed because your party — the party that destroyed our economy and got us involved in two unwinnable wars — is no longer in power.

    • Janelle says:

      Ben, have you ever considered that this might not be about political party affiliation, but a well deserved slap at both?

    • SirKnob says:

      As I said, those with an open mind, those who believe in ‘truth’ and ‘fact’ will get it. Closed minded people that would rather repeat the media lies and deny truth and fact, like it was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two entities that President Bush asked for control of 17 times and was denied by the Democrats, that destroyed our economy. That is a ‘fact’. Socialism, Liberalism, whatever smokescreen code word you desire these days, destroyed our economy, not Capitalism.

      A study of ‘real’ polls totally disagrees with your findings on the Stimulus and while people wanted health care reform, they did, and do, not want the current law. Where is that ‘tort’ reform. Oh, I forgot, Lawyers are number one with the left, they have to get paid, always. The public does not support either law. The Stimulus has done nothing but payoff the Socialists who bought the last election. They lost 54 Billion dollars. How does giving Brazil 2 Billion dollars stimulate anything other than the Socialist Billionaire, and owner of the Dem Party, George Soros.

      As for lies, where are all the jobs? Where is the less than 8% unemployment? 7 Million jobs have been lost, this is not what was promised.

      What about that other lie on health care. If you like yours you can keep it. Now insurance companies are cancelling child only and individual policies.

      Violate the Constitution. You can honestly make that claim with a straight face, while ignoring that there is a mountain of issues where Socialist Libs have redefined the Constitution. Why is it you read and interpret every article differently, when they are all written in the same style. Could it be because the true intent differs from you opinion?

      As for who is lying, who is right or wrong, who did what, when and where, that is all factual history. Just like the control of the Socialist Democrats will most likely be history after the coming November election.

      I do not support everything the Repubs have done. I did not agree with President Bush on several issues. However, you cannot justify calling him a liar about Iraq, unless you call every Senior member of the House and Senate, on both sides, liars. They are all on record stating that Sadam must be stopped and his weapons of massed destruction must be destroyed. That is factual. That is the truth. That is history. So if you have to claim one is liar, at least be fair and say they all lied. In reality, they were all just responding to the best information they had.

      Anyway, thanks for your repsonse. Have a great day 🙂

      • Janelle says:

        Sir Knob, I’m well aware of the history of both to the extent I can be.
        I was responding to Ben and his nasty mouth about teabaggers. I firmly believe that reducing the size and scope of the Fed will have a positive influence on our nation. We really do have more than enough regulation in our lives. Enough is enough. Repeal what doesn’t work and stop trying to micromanage from DC.
        And I’m a firm believer that we should vote the majority of elected officials in and out on a regular basis.

      • SirKnob says:

        Hello Ms. Janelle,
        Sorry, comments were addressed to Ben, the system just places them in order as they are added to the first post. Yes, I agree, term limits for all, no such thing as a career in the House or Senate 🙂 Thanks again 🙂

      • Ben Hoffman says:

        [Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two entities that President Bush asked for control of 17 times and was denied by the Democrats, that destroyed our economy.]

        Boy, talk about believing propaganda! Obviously, you’re just a little right-wing sheep who can’t think for himself and who has absolutely no intellectual curiosity.

      • SirKnob says:

        Oh come on Mr. Hoffman, you know the hearings were held, the Senate sent the letters, President Bush suggested the reforms, Barney Frank and Maxine Waters blocked every attempt. Even Rep Johnson, a Democrat on the Committee, has publically admitted that he was wrong to defend them. There is video testimony, house records, etc.. it is you who is in denial without the intellect curiosity to learn the truth.
        I ask you, why was Ken Lay of Enron sentenced to prison with his life destroyed, while Harold Raines of Freddie Mac received a 2 million dollar fine and was allowed to waltz away with over 90 millions dollars after he was caught in the same type of crime? Could it be because he was a corrupt Democrat in charge of a Socialist created empire that failed, not unlike Ken Lay in any other extreme?
        You use the term right winger like it is a bad thing? In your first response to my post you use the term ‘teabagger’. You obviously know the term is a sexual slur, used to describe a sexual act, but like all who use it to describe people that disagree with you, The Tea Party, it takes away from any intellectual level of intent on your part.
        I admit to occassionnally using the propaganda of the left against them, but you will find that I can offer example after example where Socialism has failed everytime is has been tried, can you offer even one example where it has ever been successful?
        You do know that the definition of insanty has been said to be ‘repeating the same mistake over and over while expecting a different outcome’.
        Just look at California, bankrupt, businesses moving out, owing union pension plans what could be a trillion dollars, and what are the Socialist Democrats recommending, raise more taxes. Yeah, that will work, that is good governing. As more business continues to close, or migrate East, the tax intake continues to fall. Hey, lets cut off the water to our farmland and increase the tax on gasoline. Yep, brilliant, that will have that 17% unemployment figure coming down any day now.
        Thanks for the discussion, have a great day.

  2. Janelle says:

    Thanks Sir Knob, for this one!

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