Compare & Contrast Photo – Constitutional Conservatives VS Socialist & Communist DC Rallies

I lifted this photo from Doug Ross .  He has an excellent set of photos of the Socialist gathering in DC.  One has to wonder how our Country was able to generate so many Anti-Americans.  Of course, when you look at our modern education indoctrination system, one has to wonder why there are not more of them.

Of course the lame stream will do all the can to make the Socialist look good by not showing any of the Socialist banners and hate filled signs.  Not to mention all the trash they left behind.

One can also count on the lame to multiply the estimate of the Socialist crowd size by 20, or more, just as they estimated the Conservative crowd size by dividing by 100.   The drive by media will also fail to notice the number of Union members that were paid to be there, not to mention the number of ‘Tax Dollars’ that were used to bus paid supporters to the event.

I wanted to get out to the rally and get a few good pictures on my own, but, once again, other commitments kept me away.


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