Tea Party To Hold 22 Oct Rally/Protest Outside Rep Gerry Connolly’s Office


I received the following from the Prince William County Tea Party Patriots.  

Subj: Stop the Madness

Prince William County Tea Party Patriots E-Mail Message


Dear Tea Party Patriots


The PWC Tea Party Patriots is please to be a sponsor of the Manassas Tea Party Rally/Protest ” Stop the Madness. Please see the flyer below and sign up to participate. Please join us to let Gerry Connolly know we are on to his out of control spending and his liberal ideaology.

Stop the Madness Rally!  

Organized by the Manassas Tea Party and Co-sponsored by the Prince William Tea Party Patriots.  

Congressman Gerry Connolly has participated in the largest expansion of federal power in our nation’s history. While he has tried to cast himself as a “deficit hawk”, he has voted with Nancy Pelosi’s radical big government agenda 97% of the time, including the disastrous, budget-busting Obamacare!



Come join your fellow patriots and let Gerry know we want a return to smaller government and fiscal responsibility in the 11th Congressional District! 


Near Gerry Connolly’s office, 4308 Ridgewood Center Dr. Woodbridge, VA 22192 (on the Prince William Parkway sidewalk)



Friday, October 22, 2010


2:45 pm to 3:45 pm  



Rep Gerry Connolly has been attempting to portray himself as something other than a Socialist sock puppet for Queen Pelosi.  She ‘gave him’ her permission to vote against one bill after he begged her to give him something to show the voters.  Now, after he has voted for legislation against the will of the majority of his constituents, he wants to come off as some type of ‘I stood up to the leadership’ fiscally responsible representative.  In truth, he has been fiscally irresponsible in voting for two straight years of Socialist programs that have resulted in 1.3 and 1.4 Trillion Dollar deficits.  He has voted for destructive Socialism and voted against the interest of the hard working men and women that make this Country great. 

Rep Gerry Connolly is nothing more than the dirt that Nancy Pelosi wipes off her shoes prior to boarding her taxpayer-funded private jet.  The man has not had an original thought. He is seldom listened to except when The Washington Post desires to interview someone who will agree with their every left leaning position.  He has done nothing for the State of Virginia.  He is ineffective, an empty suit that can only be counted on to vote the party line. 

Rep Connolly, like many Democrats, is now ‘Running From His Record’ .  Do not let him get away with it. 

Mr. Keith Fimian, the man running against Connolly this term, is regularly beat up by the local press and I have received a half-dozen mailings, from Connolly and various George Soros supported Socialist Democrat groups, making him out to be everything from Adolf Hitler to Osama Bin Ladin.  I would like to think that most people can see through the lies and distortion. 


In reality, Mr Fimian is a Christian and local business owner.  He is a self-made success.  He will bring to Washington the type of skill sets and knowledge that is practically non-existent in the current regime.  VA 11 voters, save your Country, vote for Mr. Keith Fimian in November. 


3 Responses to Tea Party To Hold 22 Oct Rally/Protest Outside Rep Gerry Connolly’s Office

  1. Janelle says:

    Sir Knob, if you live in that area, go, take some friends and raise a little cain.

    • SirKnob says:

      Hi Ms Janelle, I live in the area 🙂 I am also doing my part to support Mr. Keith Fimian, the person running against Connolly 🙂 The PWC TEA Party is uping the tempo and there are several events scheduled between now and election day. Hopefully I will have good items to post. Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a great day 🙂

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