NewsBusted 10/5/10

NewsBusted 10/5/10 with your ‘kickin it’ host Ms Jodi Miller 🙂

Republicans freed the slaves.  One would never know that ‘fact’ if they were indoctrinated by our modern education system and kept uninformed by our drive by lame stream media.  Go figure 🙂

News Flash, Obama apologizes for U. S. experiment during the 1940s.  Apparently, our government went down to Guatemala and purposely infected the local population with STDs.  Hmmm.. now, lets see, who was in charge of the government during the 1940s.  Hmmm… could it have been the ‘Democrats’.   Gee, the history books indicate the Democrats were in charge, but as everyone knows, or should I say, as the uneducated are indoctrinated to believe, only Republicans could be that racist.

Just another example of the Socialist Liberal Left and the Lame Stream media giving the Racists Democrats another pass on their long history of being the ‘sole’ party of open and unadultered Racism in the USA.

Hopefully, one day, historians will be forced to tell the truth about racism in U.S. history.


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