Even The Washington Post Notes How Over The Top Rep Connolly’s Lies Are About Keith Fimian

Yes folks, one can easily tell that Rep Connolly (D-Fibber) is getting desperate as the election draws near.  I am now receiving daily mailings from the Virginia Democrats that distort one Keith Fimian position after another.  The Democrats cannot win fairly.  Truth, facts or justice, not to mention representing constituents, are long past history when it comes to the ‘say anything, make any false accusation, to win’ Democrat Party.  They cannot run on their record as it goes is against the majority of the voters.  They cannot tell their true intentions as they are also against the majority of the voters.  In lieu of honesty and integrity, they choose to adopt the drive by method of most dictators and tell viscious lies against their opponents.

The good news is, it does not appear to be working 🙂

According to a recent article by  Washington Post investigative reporter Ms Paige Winfield Cunningham, Fimian should try playing Connolly’s Game, Rep Connolly is being dishonest, as usual.

Taking your opponent’s words grossly out of context is par for the course in politics, but Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly pushed that tactic to the brink of absurdity this week

The Democratic incumbent launched a new TV ad that takes literally a statement made by Republican challenger Keith Fimian.

Speaking in front of a white board at George Mason University, Fimian said that congressional salaries should be cut to $50,000 until members balance the budget. He added that once that happens, he would want a $250,000 bonus.

In his ad, Connolly slams Fimian for supposedly supporting bonuses for members of Congress — an allegation that seems absurd given that the context of Fimian’s statement was a larger rant against government spending.

But if Fimian wants to play Connolly’s little game, he could offer a good comeback.

If you take Fimian’s “$250,000 bonus” suggestion literally, the government would have to dole out $109 million in bonuses to the 435 voting members of the House once they balance the budget.

But until that’s accomplished, cutting members’ $174,000 base salaries to $50,000 would save $54 million each year. Given that a Republican takeover of the House is likely and even greater legislative gridlock appears imminent, it seems extremely unlikely that a balanced budget will be approved within two years — the amount of time necessary to make up that $109 million in bonus payouts.

Best case scenario, Congress does pass a balanced budget by 2012, and we save $54 million for each of two years, then pay it back in bonuses. Zero net impact.

Worst case scenario, the government saves $54 million annually as it continues spending beyond its means for years on end.

In answering Connolly, looks like Fimian can use the tactic of misapplied literalism, too, and look pretty good doing it.

Actually, the accusations made here by Rep Connolly are fairly mild compared to the mailings that I receive from the Democrat Committee.  According to them Mr Fimian is out to reduce Medicare funding.  Hmmm.. and who just voted for a Trillion Dollar economy busting Health Care Bill that takes 500 Billions Dollars away from Medicare?  You guessed it, Rep Connolly.

I believe what Mr Fimian actually said was something along the line of ‘we can reduce the costs of Medicare by bringing an end to the corruption and bringing better management to the program’.  This is not a direct quote, it is however, his intent.  He never said he was simply going to reduce Medicare Funding.  The Democrats already did that.  Mr Fimian has no intent to reduce the care provided to seniors through Medicare, he simply wants to reduce the costs of Medicare by doing away with the crime, corruption and mismanagment that the program has become famous for under Democrat mis-management. 

Mr Fimian is also for ‘tort reform’.  Whereas Rep Connolly, like most Democrats, supports the trial attorneys over the needs of the people.  Trial attorneys gave big bucks to Democrats in order to get them elected, then in order keep tort reform out of the health care bill.   Tort reform would save billions in health care costs and reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering  that doctors are forced to put thier patients through in order to protect themselves from bloodthirsty ambulance chasers, who will sue for no other reason than their own financial gain.   You see Rep Connolly believes that lawyers should be treated to a free gravy train of other peoples monies and that they should continue to reap a lions share of health care monies through congressional intervention, or lack thereof.  Who do you think wrote the majority of the Health Care Bill?  If you said Lawyers, give yourself 10 points.  Lawyers wrote it, and like most bills, they wrote it to the benefit of lawyers.

Isn’t it moronic that Connolly, who believes that seniors deserves less medical care as they no longer serve a purpose to society, has the nerve to accuse Fimian of wanting to take away Medicare, when it was Connolly who has helped game the program in favor of attorneys and special interest groups, while supporting the implementation of rationed health care to seniors.  Yes, it is in the bill.

And of course I cannot ignore the latest campaign lie offered by Connolly and his drive by Democrat supporters.   The latest mailing shows a dark image of Keith Fimian, picture Bella Lagousi <sp>, with the caption ‘Keith Fimian anti-choice, anti women’s rights’.  It goes on to state how Mr Fimain is ‘the leader of an exteme group so radical that it is dedicated to ending contraception’.  Lies, lies and more lies.

First, Mr Fimian is endorsed by right to life groups.   He believes, as I and the majority of Americans do, that abortion should not be used as a means of birth control.  The Democrats, true to form, simply do not support responsible behavior.  1.3 Million abortions last year, yet they relate every one to rape or incest and never respond to the charge of irresponsible behavior.  If rape and incest is the primary need for abortion in this country, we have a serious society problem.  The real problem is, the irresponsible behavior that allows 1.3 million unwanted pregnacies.  And I, for one, am tired of supporting the irresponsible behavior of those unwilling to take responsibility for their own choices. 

As for the group that is dedicated to ending contraception.  Again, more lies.  While the group does believe that schools should teach abstinance, they also believe, as do I and most Americans, that you should not be teaching contraception to 8 year olds.  They are simply too young and the instructions lead to experimentations that they are ill prepared for at 8 years old.   The classes would be better served teaching them how to best avoid becoming victums.  Where  will this end?  Will we end up teaching sex ed classes in pre-school?  Right out of the womb?  It is time for Democrats to stop corrupting the minds of our children with adult irresponsible behaviors and let them be children for just a little while longer.   We need to draw a line somewhere.

So, to recap, Rep Connolly, as usual, lying on his opponent because he is afraid to run on his record of voting against the will of the majority of Virginia Voters.  He is, in my opinion, the absolute worst of a political ‘elitist’ class that serves no purpose other than to rob Americans of our wealth, safety and well being.

Keith Fimian, so far refusing to lower himself to Connolly’s level of deceipt, is a self made man and local business owner whose experience is desperately needed in a Congress that has lost touch with reality and needs those who are experienced in creating jobs and providing a properous environment that will benefit all Americans.

VA 11, vote Mr Keith Fimian for congress this November.   Regardless of your political affiliations, do what is best for our Country 🙂


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  1. Janelle says:

    Sir Knob…….the cartoon alone made me burst out laughing!

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