Fan Throws Book At Obama’s Head – MSM Fails To Notice

According to the Daily Mall news article, Obama has the book thrown at him: Moment a missile narrowly misses the U.S. President’s head during campaign rally, someone decided it was time the President had a little book smarts.  Pun intended 🙂

This is the astonishing moment a book was apparently hurled at the head of U.S. President Barack Obama during a campaign rally in Philadelphia.

The flying missile narrowly missed hitting the President today.

It is not clear what the book was, where it came from in the crowd, or why it was thrown at Mr Obama – who did not appear to notice the danger.

The bizarre incident recalled the moment in 2008 when an angry Iraqi journalist hurled a shoe at then-U.S. President George Bush during a press conference in Baghdad.

The surprisingly nimble Mr Bush ducked the shoe – and the moment became immortalised with online parodies and internet video games.

But the incident was also marked with controversy as U.S. media questioned why the Secret Service – whose members are supposed to be willing to take a bullet for the President – were not close enough to Mr Bush to deflect the attack.

It is expected that the same questions will be asked about today’s incident.

Yeah, good luck with that.  The lame stream ignores any negative feedback to President Obama.  Touting someone throwing a book at the President’s head could have negative connotations for the reporter.  Just recently a well known Washington DC media personality was fired when he dared opine negatively on a statement made by The Won.

Okay, C-Span was running video at the time and all I can see is a blurry object flashing behind the President’s head.  It looked more like a manufactured political poster than a book, but it is really hard to tell.  I am still searching for a better video.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit notes 1,078 Articles Written About Obama’s Philly Speech – Only One Mentions A Book Was Hurled at His Head …Update: Make That 2 Media Outlets.  Okay, so now two media outlets have reported it.  I would bet a month’s pay that Hannity has the video in detail and is already spooling it up for this week’s show.

Oh well, I will update with a good video should one appear, unless of course it is all over the web before I get a chance to post it.


2 Responses to Fan Throws Book At Obama’s Head – MSM Fails To Notice

  1. Janelle says:

    The man can’t change what he is.

    • SirKnob says:

      Hello Ms Janelle, thanks for the comment 🙂 Yes, as thin skinned as he is, is it any wonder that people are beginning to see right through him 🙂 Hope you have a great day 🙂

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