Rep Eric Cantor Launches You Cut – Suggest And Vote On Congressional Legislation

Rep Eric Cantor (R-VA) has launched a site called You Cut.   “a first-of-its-kind project – is designed to defeat the permissive culture of runaway spending in Congress. It allows you to vote, both online and on your cell phone, on spending cuts that you want to see the House enact. Each week, we will take the winning item and offer it to the full House for an up-or-down vote, so that you can see where your representative stands on your priorities. Vote on this page today for your priorities and together we can begin to change Washington’s culture of spending into a culture of savings.”

Go check it out.  Give them an earful.  I did 🙂


4 Responses to Rep Eric Cantor Launches You Cut – Suggest And Vote On Congressional Legislation

  1. Janelle says:

    I’m glad you found that! I’ve been on the list since the inception and my suggestion was to freeze all non dire emergency spending for two years. Those two years could be spent repealing useless legislation/regulation which stifles the economy and enlarges Godzilla, our government.

  2. SirKnob says:

    Hello Ms Janelle, I agree, there is so much waste in government, such as, why do we need 7 federal agencies involved in child care? Reduce the size of the EPA in proportion to their actual workload, stop funneling money into global warming studies, cut congressional perks that are not offered to other employees. The biggie, allow federal agencies to carry money over from one year to the next. The list goes on and on.
    Thanks for the comment, I hope you have a really great day 🙂

  3. Lee C. Hutcheson says:

    This is a great idea BUT…how do I get to the site to vote?
    What is the address of the “You cut” website?
    How do I find the isues to vote on?

    I want to tell others and don’t know where to tell them to look.

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