Rep Gerry Connolly Is Not An Independent, He Has Voted Pelosi Socialist 96% Of The Time

Suprise, Suprise, Rep Gerry Connolly (D-Lying), and the integrity bankrupt Virginia Democrat Party, are running media ads and mail postings claiming Connolly is an Independent voice in Congress.  Even his recent endorsement by the Liberal Washington Post attempts to paint him as an Independent.  The problem is it is one big lie. 

Rep Gerry Connolly is a Nancy Pelosi Socialist sock puppet.  His record speaks for itself.  He voted with Pelosi and the Socialists 96% of the time.  His only vote against Pelosi was a vote that she did not need.  She gave him ‘her permission’ to vote against the bill and the bill passed as planned.  He was given permission to vote against the bill because his vote did not matter, Ms Pelosi had all the votes she needed.  This was a political stunt based soley on Connolly’s need to show voters he is not jellyfish.  However, the truth is, Mr. Jellyfish will never cross Ms Pelosi.  Had she needed his vote, she would have ordered him to vote for the bill and he would have done her bidding.  He cannot bring himself to disappoint her.

VA-11, Gerry Connolly has no intention of representing you.  He will do the will of others as ordered.  He represents the Socialists Democrats and will continue to vote against Virginia as he has in the past.  He cannot change.  He will not change.

When Gerry Connolly took the office of Fairfax County Supervisor the county was in the green.  During his tenure he put the county over 1/2 Billion Dollars in the red.  This was before the economic downturn.  This deficit was generated based on his Socialist agenda.  An agenda that resulted in county crime increasing over 22%.  He turned Fairfax County into an illegal immigrant sanctuary and forced businesses to become illegal immigrant friendly.   He used his Socialist record of destruction to gain favor with the Virginia Democrat Party and gain their support for his congressional run.  Fairfax County was left with all the damage and the bills to pay.

Voters, if you return this Socialist to Congress you can only expect to receive more of the same.  He will continue to vote away your rights.  He will continue to support mult-billion dollars bills that he has never even bothered to read, no matter how destructive.  He will continue to add to the 5 Trillion Dollar deficit that he and his fellow Democrats have created since they took power in 2007.

He will support Cap and Trade, illegal immigrant amnesty, the continued bailouts of corrupt Unions, over the top enviromentalism and the steady destruction of small business and manufacturing in our country.  His Socialist agenda has already severely damaged this nation and the resulted damage done will continue to burden generations of Americans in the years to come.   Socialism just does not work.  It never has.  Not one time in history.  It never will.  Gerry Connolly does not get that.

Gerry Connolly is an Elitist Socialist Democrat.  He will tell any lie, distort any fact, simply to remain in power where he will continue to do the maximum damage to this country.  He does not know, he does not care.  It is not about you, it is not about me, it is all about him, his power and his continuing desire to please his Socialist Masters.   Do not return this Socialist to the Congress.  He will not represent us.  Calling Gerry Connolly an Independent  is the equivalent of believing in the Tooth Fairy.  It may make a nice story for children, but adults know it is simply a fairy tale meant for those impressive young minds that are easily fooled in make believe.

A vote for Gerry Connolly is a vote for the Obama/Pelosi Socialist Agenda.  Plain and simple.  Do not believe the lies.  Connolly is a Socialist Democrat.  He has stated that he is proud to be a part of the Obama Agenda.  A radical agenda that is far left of liberalism and no where near Independent.

Do not be fooled.

Vote to save our nation from Socialism.  Vote Keith Fimian for VA-11 Congress.


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