The Audacity Of Nope – From Two Years Ago

Hello folks, finally home from my Worldly travels.  Well, more like National travels.  I was in Kentucky and Indiana 🙂  I tell you, trying to post from a netbook is simply not fun.  While netbooks are great for checking e-mail and minor tasking, they lack the power to run video, format pictures or tackle serious computer user issues.  Not to mention they take forever to boot up 🙂  I leave mine in sleep mode the majority of the time.

The nice thing about the netbook is its’ small size, weight and long battery life.  Every time I travel I go through the ‘do I really need the full size notebook’ routine and simply toss the netbook into my travel bag.  Will I ever learn 🙂  Maybe I should simply buy another battery for my smaller notebook and be done with it.  Oh well 🙂

Being Friday, I wanted to post something and since Ms Miller seems to be off celebrating her Birthday, or something, I managed to dig up this two year old video to allow you to contrast and compare.  It appears that the artist was much more adept at reading between the lines than the majority of voters were at the time.  Then again, the media has yet to vet, or even approach the truth about, Mr. Barrack Obama.

My main computer is down for a bit, someone decided to hack and attack, you know how those Socialist Liberals hate free speech, I am running a deep scan, will be a couple of hours, or a day, so I am using my Linux machine in the basement.

I normally reserve the Linux for fun, music, karaoke and entertainment, however, with Firefox, it makes a for good blogging machine.  If you have an old machine that you want to spruce up a bit and use in the modern World, I suggest you try Ubuntu Linux.  It is freeware and it works great 🙂

Okay, so much for my public service announcements.  Tomorrow I will be back to attacking the lies coming from the Democrat Party.   At any time during my travels that I had the opportunity to see television it seemed to be invaded by one false Democrat lie after another.  They cannot run on the issues or the economy that they have created so they simply resort to infantile behavior and like children on the playground, point at their opponent and whine ‘he/she is worse than I am’.

That is not politics.  That is childish behavior formed by desperation.  Of course, they could be taking lessons from President Thin Skin 🙂

Happy Belated Birthday Ms Jodi Miller 🙂


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