Obama Pledges To Create Jobs And Prosperity – In Yemen ?

In response to the recent attack on America by Muslim Extremist from Yemen our illustrious leader had this to say :

“We will continue our efforts to strengthen a stable, secure and prosperous Yemen”.

The President says this, with a straight face, to his clueless media fanatics who have supported his multi-trillion-dollar deficits, trillion-dollar health care bill and a trillion dollar stimulus that mostly went into the pockets of the wealthy and foreign interests.

Unemployment in this Country stands at 10%, 16% if you use the real numbers, and our President is more concerned with creating prosperity in Yemen than he is concerned with creating jobs and prosperity here in the United States.

Where does this Socialist mindset come from that believes we should punish American taxpayers and small business job creators, yet we should reward the bad behavior of our enemies and bring prosperity to the people who want to kill us.  Not to mention the entire effort will be paid for with U. S. taxpayer dollars that will not only increase the deficit, while passing on the burden to our grandchildren, but will also increase U. S. unemployment and no doubt increase taxes, which will further punish small business and further increase unemployment.  This will only continue the U. S. economic meltdown.

What is next?  Is he going to go Saddam Hussein on us and start rewarding the families of successful Jihadi suicide bombers with 1ok taxpayer-funded payouts for each American they kill?

Why does President Obama hate the American Taxpayer?  Where does he think the money he spends comes from?  Will somebody please buy the man a clue?  We are, or will be, paying for all this.

I have to say, there must be something to that defective gene study which reported that Liberals are genetically wired to ignore facts, logic and reason.    What else would explain their consistent use of the phrase ‘well Bush lied’ when they realize that they cannot win an argument with a well-informed normal person.  Okay, well marijuana use, but they all can’t be that wired all the time.   Can they?



3 Responses to Obama Pledges To Create Jobs And Prosperity – In Yemen ?

  1. Janelle says:

    The man is delusional and insane.

    • SirKnob says:

      Hello Ms Janelle, I hope this find you well 🙂 Yes, there is something missing there. In recent interviews and campaign speeches he has taken a tough line against the Conservatives. He speaks of fighting back, tells his base go get in their face, suggests violent behavior is necessary to win, labels Conservatives (never radical Islam) as his ‘enemies’, and says they will have to ride in the back of the bus, then, as if no one was listening, says we all have to work together. There is def one, or more, physch issues there 🙂
      Of course the lame stream gives him a pass on all this.
      Today he will be traveling on the campaign trail. I cannot help but notice how much time he is spending in Delaware. The press is saying that this is a lock for Marxist Coons, however, the Dems sure are wasting a lot of assets on an election that is supposed to be a lock.
      I have O’Donnell in a dead heat. She can easily win, as the Dems, and the polls, are taking the Democrat, female and minority votes for granted. Either way, I do not see this contest ended by Wednesday morning unless there is a blowout for one candidate, or the other.
      My gutt feeling is that Ms Christine wins by 3:-)
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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