November 2nd – Our Destiny Is In Your Hands

November 2nd is here.  A time to vote.  A time to make a decision.  The future of this Country is the hands of you, the voters. 

Will we continue down the path to Socialism, or will we begin our return to the capitalistic principles that have made this the greatest Nation on Earth?

That decision relies with you gentle readers.  Today, you get to make the choice.  Today, you can make a difference.  Do not let anyone tell you that your vote does not matter, regardless of where you live, or who your elected officials are.  Even a vote for a losing candidate makes a statement.  It does make a difference. 

Get to polls and cast your ballot.  Call friends and neighbors to ask if they need a ride.  It matters not whether they support your candidate nor even share your political views.  What matters is that every U. S. Citizen is afforded the opportunity to express their Constitutional Right and participate in the voting for elected officials.

Today is a day for choosing.  The arguments are over and the debates have ended.  It may be vote now, or never get to vote, as the outcome this election may prove to be detrimental to the future voting rights of our citizens.

There is no basic right more precious than being able to elect a representative government, as all other rights will soon be lost when that right is taken away.

Excercise your rights Today.  Get out and ‘Vote’.  It’s good for you.  Help others ‘Vote’ too, because its good for everyone.

Have a great day 🙂


2 Responses to November 2nd – Our Destiny Is In Your Hands

  1. Janelle says:

    This was the busiest day at our polling place that I can remember for a very long time. And it came as no surprise when I woke up on the third and saw what judgment was handed to the democrats. 2012 may prove even worse, but only if the Republicans slip back into complacent mode.

  2. SirKnob says:

    Hello Ms Janelle, I woke up early, voted on the way to work, polling place was practically empty compared to 2008. In 2008 they had three lines out the door, whereas on Tuesday, there was one line with 17 people in it. However, I note that almost the same number of votes ended up being cast? This just does not pass the smell test.
    Unsurprising that Scary Reid picked up a huge, and unexpected, number of votes from the Spanish speaking community in Vegas. Wonder how much that cost him?
    Also, unsurprising that Washington State will most likely be stolen by underhanded voting issues again. They do not even attempt to hide their illegal voting these days.
    Voting is one issue where President Obama will stand firm. Conservatives have absolutely no chance of passing voter reform with him in office. He cannot win in a fair election.
    The one bright spot is, with the Conservatives taking many of the state houses, that Conservative will have the most impact when it comes to redrawing the voting district lines. This will, hopefully, cut down on the number of Gerry Mandered districts such as the one I currently reside in and allow for a more fair election. Liberals will not be able to drawn weird district shapes in order to take advantage of the power of their base.
    Other than that I hold out some hope that Fimian can win. Hopefully, there are 10k or so absentee military ballots that have not been counted yet 🙂
    Thanks for the comment. Hope you have a great day 🙂

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