On The Edge In VA-11 As Voters Wait On Decision

No winner has been declared in the VA-11 race for Congress.  Less than 500 votes, of over 220,000 cast, separate candidate Keith Fimian and the current seat holder Gerry Connolly.

Local election officials have begun the process to double-check the election totals, review provisional ballots, scrub illegal votes and send off their official tally for certification by state officials.  Currently, no one knows what the results will be and we may not have an offical decision until later in the month.

The campaigns for the most part have remained quiet on the issue today, as high-powered attorneys from both sides have been called in to take control and monitor the situation.  If a winner is declared with less than a 1/2 % margin, a recount will most certainly be called for.

A win for Mr Fimian will provide another Conservative Tea Party voice in the House, whereas a win for Mr. Connolly will provide the Liberals with a reliable Tax & Spend advocate for Socialist programs.

While VA-11 provides an abundance of bedroom communities for the Washington DC political elitist, that have controlled Washington Liberal politics for past 5 decades, one cannot help but think that a more determined effort by the GOP would have easily moved this seat into Republican hands.

The Republican Party of Virginia and a loose affiliation of Virginia Tea Parties will now turn their focus towards defeating Senator Jim Webb in the upcoming 2012 elections.

It continues to be interesting 🙂


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