NewsBusted 11/9/10

NewsBusted 11/9/10 with your pert and perky host Ms Jodi Miller 🙂

The election is not quite over as there has been no winner declared in VA-11.  The final count puts Socialist Connolly up by almost 1000 votes.  However, there were machine issues in two voting districts.  One witness stated that his machine simply died, then the election official went to his private vehicle, in an unsecured parking lot, and pulled a machine out of his trunk.  Once the machine was installed the witness was allowed to vote.

Mr. Keith Fimian was reported to be making a decision on requesting a recount, however, I can find no updated information and his tweets ended on election day.  He has been out town on a business trip, but was scheduled to return today.  Perhaps we will know something this AM.

The final count is well below the margin that would allow for a voter funded recount.  With a Conservative Secretary of State, the recount may conducted with some amount of fair scrutiny.  One has to imagine, considering the groups that support him, that there is no way that Connolly wins without some type of illegal voting activity.  Time will tell.

On flip side of things, I love trees, but this time of year I can really do without the leaves 🙂  If only they would all get together and leave at the same time.   But, no, the Cherry trees begin with a slight discoloration and dump the majority of their leaves at the first sign of chill weather.  The fickle sugar maples do a half and half thing that takes about 3 weeks, followed by the mature maple for which each tree seems to have enough leaves for 10 other trees.  The poplar will leave whenever it feels like it, or wait until I have just raked and dump another bag load.  The elms and oaks hold out until the very end, often dropping leaves on fresh snow.  Sometimes the oaks are still holding dead leaves in early Spring.

Yes, I had today off and spent the majority of it dealing with the dead leaves in my yard.  It looked nice when I put everything away, but by the time I let the dogs out for the final time tonight it was looking like I had never bothered.  The sad part is, this was my third round and the majority of the trees are still loaded.  So, if you wonder where I am on weekends, or why I haven’t posted, wonder no more.  I am wasting my time playing yard jockey and trying to keep this place looking presentable.

And to think, once the trees are all bare, provided they ever get there, I get to clean to gutters.  I simply hope they are frozen at the time 🙂


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