While Others Are Digesting And Watching Football

First, I apologize for the slim postings.  It is a busy time of the year and there really has not been much to comment on with the exception of the TSA lonely hearts club junk grabs at the airport.  So, while others are digesting and watching football, I thought I would revive a bit of old humor and post a few classic Hudson & Landry routines for you to enjoy 🙂  If they notice you laughing just tell them you have the turkey giggles or something 🙂

With my luck, I will run into this retired football hero for my next TSA pat down.  Not that there is anything wrong with that 🙂

This one has video, cheap video, but hey animation is expensive 🙂  I think I served with these guys.

Gee, no one does mortuary jokes these days.  Wonder why?

Try this game with the TSA, or your friendly neighborhood tax collector 🙂

Of course if you live South of the Mason Dixon you could end up running into this guy during your next TSA feel up.

Back in the days when they would feed you on airlines.

And, of course, I saved one of their best for last.  This is totally reminiscent of our recent election, or every election ever 🙂

Have a really great Thanksgiving all.  Remember to love, remember to laugh, but also remember to remember and be thankful 🙂


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