NewsBusted 12/3/10

NewsBusted 12/3/10 with your warm and snippy host Ms Jodi Miller 🙂

It is Saturday morning and I am far behind in the homestead chores.  My house is buried in leaves and some of the trees simply refuse to give in and dump the rest of them.  I sit here and think, how nice it would be to enjoy a cup of coffee, or three, write a nice article, enjoy a leisurely lunch and drift the day away, but unfortunately, the leaves will not evaporate with the Spring thaw.   Therefore, my mission Today, should I choose to accept it, will be to play the role of respectable home owner and attempt to make this place look respectable.   I will attack the clogged gutters next week when, hopefully, the rest of the leaves will have fallen.  

On a lighter note, the Socialist Democrats and the lame stream media have learned absolutely nothing from the recent elections and seem insanely bent on driving themselves off the cliff of lemmings and into historical irrelevancy.  Then again, you cannot have drama without crooks, lunatics or villans.


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