NewsBusted 12/7/10

NewsBusted 12/7/10 with your aural pleasing host Ms Jodi Miller 🙂

A funny thing I noticed about the Senate vote on extending the tax cuts.  Two Democrat Senators that voted against extending the tax cuts people for making over $250,000.00 a year, voted for extending the tax cuts for people making over one million dollars a year.  Kind of odd huh?

Two other Democrat Senators went the other way on both votes.  The funny thing, they are all Senators from states that are turning back to the Conservatives.

Honestly Senator Webb, do you think voting inside on bills that you know are going to fail anyway will lead voters to believe that you are a Conservative?  Your full support for the Obama agenda proves otherwise.  We are not amused.  Your Socialist voting record will be a major issue by November 2012. 


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