Like To Lie And Deceive? You Too Can Be A Main Stream Media Reporter

January 29, 2011

As many may have noted I have not had much time to write as of late.  When times are tough I am always tempted tp turn to one of my favorites.  Why write a long article when Mr. Andrew Klavan has a humorous video available on the subject 🙂  Enjoy 🙂


Steer The Coverage, or How To Be A Liberal Journalist Without Really Trying

January 29, 2011

Ed Driscoll’s Silicon Graffitti video ‘Steer The Coverage’ explains how the liberal media attempts to force the narrative of each story before the facts are known and the public has a chance to buy a clue.

Gee, Liberal Media just makes it up as they go along.  Who would have thought?

NewsBusted 1/28/11

January 29, 2011

NewsBusted 1/28/11 with you sassy classy host Ms Jodi Miller 🙂

The Liberal Media Mindset, Or Lack Thereof, Your Choice

January 27, 2011

This 5 minute video completely captures thelack of ethics and the short-sighted mentality of the liberal media elite and their inability to report facts versus the fiction they offer to the public in order to support their twisted views of how things ought to be.  Enjoy.

NewsBusted 1/25/11

January 26, 2011

NewsBusted 1/25/11 with your warm and funny host Ms Jodi Miller 🙂

NewsBusted 1/21/11

January 24, 2011

NewsBusted 1/21/11 with your sharp and witty hostess, Ms Jodi Miller 🙂

NewsBusted 1/18/11

January 24, 2011

NewsBusted 1/18/11 with your witty hostess Ms Jodi Miller 🙂