R. Lee Ermey Unloads On The President

Mr. R. Lee Ermey, Actor and retired Marine, goes off on President Obama during an appearance for Toys for Tots at the USO.

Well, he certainly did not pull any punches and I certainly have to agree with his observations.  Of course I have to imagine that he is speaking for the majority of the U. S. Marines that have been silenced by their code of honor, not to mention the direct orders they received not to comment by their non-military, never served, President and Commander in Chief. 

A President that knows, or understands, the military would know that such an order would not be necessary.  Dictators on the other hand always seem to feel the to need to exercise their authority, especially where it is not needed.

Thankfully, we have people like Mr. Ermey who will stand up and speak for those that are not allowed to speak for themselves.   Some people may not want to hear it, but it does need to be said.


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