Arizona Sheriff Dupnik Is An Incompetent And Should Be Fired Instead Of Being Praised By Obama

Something every law enforcement officer is taught in basic training is the fact that bias must be removed from all law enforcement activities.  You cannot be an impartial, fair and balanced, enforcer of the law, and protector of the public, if you allow bias or emotions to control your decision-making.

Sheriff Dupnik Dipstick immediately jumped to conclusions and began the blame game before he had any of the facts in the case.  He has not only tainted any investigation being conducted, he has provided defense arguments for the suspect.  Just who is Sheriff Dipstick trying to protect?  

Here he is making a political statement attacking the right-wing for this despicable act.  Note that he blames no one on the left for their vitriol.  Remember, this man is supposed to be a ‘peace’ officer.

Sheriff Dipstick knows who Jared Loughner is.  He has investigated him for prior death threats and other emotional disturbances.  He knows the man is unstable and yet he failed to take any action.  He did not notify anyone that could have offered assistance to Jared Loughner.  He did not advise any federal law enforcement agency of Mr Loughner’s mental instability.  He made no case of record that anyone could have referred to.  In fact, Mr Loughner was able to pass a FBI background check in order to purchase a handgun.   Is he simply lashing out at the right in order to hide his own failure to protect the public?

In any case, Sheriff Dipstick can no longer be trusted to be an impartial enforcement officer.  He has displayed his hate and political bias of Conservatives so deeply that no thinking adult would doubt that he could not be trusted to treat any Conservative fairly, mush less justly.  All any good defense lawyer need do is claim his client to be Conservative and treated unfairly due to Sheriff Dipstick’s hate and bias.  While they may lose the primary case, what federal court would not be forced to greatly consider the merit of the claim based on Sheriff Dipstick’s unprofessional statements of contempt and blame for every popular Conservative.  Think of the OJ trial and how they used the accusations of  the bias of the LAPD against them.  Here the defense lawyer would have the Sheriff’s bias in his own words.  The jury would not have to speculate as to whether the Sheriff hated Conservatives, or not, he freely offers his bias and hate of Conservatives every time he is interviewed.

To top it all off, while Arizona newspapers, other sheriffs and law enforcement officials are blasting this idiot for his stupid outbursts, President Obama offers this idiot thanks and praise.  Just what are you thanking him for Mr President, creating the hate and discontent that will rob his victims of whatever justice is available?  Or for continuing the climate of hate generated by the Socialist Liberals who seek to silence any Conservative voice by any means available? 

It is readily apparent that no Tea Party Member would ever be treated fairly by Sheriff Dipstick and that no Conservative defendant should ever be trusted to his custody.   He so reminds me of Mike Nifong, the idiot that led the prosecution against the Duke Lacrosse Players.  We seen how that little episode ended.  Should we allow Sheriff Distick the same levity to destroy the reputation of Arizona law enforcement?

Regardless of what he has accomplished in the past, Sheriff Dipstick is done.  He should no longer be allowed to carry a badge and a gun.  He has not only self destroyed any thought that he could be an impartial peace officer, much less an impartial investigator, he has raised a doubt in everyone’s mind as to whether he is capable of making the life and death decisions that any law enforcement officer may be forced to make.

Arizona please do yourself a favor.  Fire this bias and dishonest idiot before his incompetence unjustly hurts somebody else.  Listen to what a real Sheriff has to say.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


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