Lets Get Serious Government Spending Restraints Work

Mr Dan Mitchell from the Center for Freedom & Prosperity offers the following examples of ‘how limiting government spending’ , or ‘limiting the growth of government spending’ result in increased wealth and prosperity for the entire nation.

Video number 1, lessons learned from Presidents Reagan and Clinton.

Video number 2, lessons learned from other nations.

To put Mr. Mitchell’s examples in the simplest terms.  We do not need tax increases.  We need fiscal sanity and government spending restraints.   You cannot increase spending by 48%, as we have since 2008, when the GDP is crawling along at 2% or less.   Tax increases will only result in increased government spending and reduced government revenues.   Failure to rein in the deficit spending will result in financial ruin and bankrupt our nation.

In other words, you cannot spend your way out of debt as our current President would have you believe.  That is simple economics 101.  

When we are looking at a 1.6 Trillion dollar deficit placed upon a 14 Trillion dollar debt, it is hard to imagine that there is ‘sanity’ in government when the best either side can do is offer 65 Billion dollars in cuts.  They wasted a Trillion dollar Stimulus and have increased total spending by 48% since 2007.  This is money that mostly went into the pockets of Unions, Socialist entities and Wall Street fat cats.   Main Street America has seen very little, if any, of that money.   Can we expect anything different in this bloated 1.6 Trillion dollar deficit plan they are offering now?

It is time for both sides to get busy, cut (not trim) spending, reduce the size and duplications of government, cut loose the public unions and special interests, stop funding stupidity & political entities, defund the UN and the international organizations that work against us, and finally go after the corrupt people and organizations that have obtained our tax dollars through dishonest means, punish them, and get our stolen money back.

Again, a 65 Billion dollar cut to a bloated 1.6 Trillion dollar deficit spending plan is bullcrap.  After all their promises, our elected officials seem to believe that they can fool us with what amounts to a rounding error.   They simply are not trying hard enough.  If they were serious they would start with the 2007 budget plan and make cuts from there.  

We cannot afford another Trillion dollar deficit on top of the 14 Trillion dollar debt that we have now.  As anyone who has ever owned a credit card knows, the interest payment alone will take a larger portion of our wealth than we can create in order to pay down the balance.

Go back to work and do it right this time elected officials.  Honesty in government should not be an oxymoron.

If things do not change soon I have a feeling we will be singing this once again in 2012.

I had to add the following due to comments received 🙂


8 Responses to Lets Get Serious Government Spending Restraints Work

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Regan’s success was pure myth. We had 11% unemployment and only a tepid recovery after that, which was caused more by the mini tech boom than any government policies. And Reagan TRIPPLED the federal debt.

    I don’t see how anybody could hold Reagan in such high regard. His policies led to the massive debt we now hold, which we may never recover from.

  2. SirKnob says:

    Hello Mr. Hoffman, thank you for the comment.

    Gee, one could write a book based on your statement, in fact several people have. Reagan’s success was not a myth Sir. While it is easy for liberal’s to ignore the condition that Carter left this country in and blame it all on Reagan. It does not change the facts.

    Carter tripled the cost of doing business in the country for both government and industry. Many businesses simply gave up and moved out of the country. I note especially, all the electronics manufactuers moved to Asia thanks to Carter’s anti-business Socialist policies.

    Our military was incapable of performing a simple rescue mission, due to the fact that they did not have spare parts for needed equipment. Only half our aircraft could fly and only 1/3 of our ships could put to sea. Carter had given the middle east to Iran and Panama to a drug dealer. No one in the World respected American power. Thus was the state of affairs when Reagan entered office. I know, I was there.

    Reagan policies did not lead to the massive debt we have now. You are reaching too far on that one. We can go back to Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, Carter, and thank them for the Socialist policies that have produced a tremendous amount of debt due to failed social programs. To blame it all on Reagan, you would also have to believe that the city of Detroit, you know the Socialist Democrat model city, is a huge success Today.

    Reagan policies lead to Clinton’s success. Having no cold war to worry about, he could gut our military, increase government involvement in our lives, and with the help of Newt Gingrich, balance the budget. And he did it with the money generated by the revival of revenues generated by the Reagan policies that revived industry and allowed our tech industry to flourish here in the US vice Japan where they would have been under continued Carter polices.

    Bottom line, people respect Reagan because he gave the country hope, pride and balance. He placed us back on an even keel

    The gist of my article was debt and how to deal with it. I note you ignore the debt that Obama is piling on. 5 Trillion since taking office, not to mention the Trillions added when the Dems took over government in 2007. Our debt has doubled in 4 years.

    I think we can both agree government needs to stop wasting money, government needs to be reduced in size, government needs to live within its means.

    Thanks again and have a great day.

    • Ben Hoffman says:

      [I note you ignore the debt that Obama is piling on. 5 Trillion since taking office, not to mention the Trillions added when the Dems took over government in 2007. Our debt has doubled in 4 years.]

      No it hasn’t. At the beginning of Obama’s first fiscal year, the debt was $11 trillion, it’s now a little over $14 trillion. At the beginning of Bush’s first fiscal year, the debt was $6 trillion, at the end of his final fiscal year, it was $11 trillion.

      While Obama has made the problem worse with additional tax cuts, he inherited massive deficits.

      As far as Reagan, you’re completely delusional.

  3. SirKnob says:

    Hello again Mr Hoffman, okay, please check out the chart that I have just posted. Please also keep in mind that the Democrats controlled both House and Senate from 2007 forward.

    Taking that into account, you are correct that Obama alone is not responsible for 5 Trillion. However, you are way beyond being truthful about the Bush years.

    Also, our economy suffered a 1 Trillion dollar hit on 9/11 that may have never happened had Carter not handed Iran over to radical terrorist who used their new wealth to create hate throughout the middle east. Also, the 1 Trillion dollar hit our economy & government suffered due to Hurrican Katrina should be factored in.

    As you can plainly see, Obama and the Dems have tripled the deficit, and their wounds are self inflicted. Obama did not however inherit massive deficits. He, Pelosi and Reid created them. The last year you can blame on Bush was 2007, a 200+ Billion dollar deficit. Nothing to write home about, but far less than the 1.5 Trillion average of Obama.

    Again, tax cuts did not create the deficit. Spending on out of control Socialist programs, a government too large to function properly, and the Socialist support of irresponsible, everyone is a victum, behaviors, created our deficits. It is time to stop funding stupidity. Take a look at what Obama, Reid and Pelosi on spending the money on. Take a look at the recent OMB report that notes all the government waste and duplication.

    Our government has more than enough tax revenue to function properly and provide the services it is required by law to provide. It simply needs to be leaner, less corruptible and more focused. I said this during the Clinton, Bush and now Obama years. It is nothing political, it is simply factual.

    As for Reagan, once again, I am not the one that makes decisions with emotion. I was an E-5 military member under Carter. I qualified for welfare and food stamps. I made less than people on welfare. The people working part time on the checkout line at the local food mart made more than I did. When I got off work, I worked part time to make ends meet. Carter, not only gave us a 1% pay raise, while he and congress gave themselves 33%, he mandated that I could not hold a part time job. I did it anyway. I had to.

    Reagan saved the military. He won the cold war. He gave this nation back its’ pride and its’ ability to defend itself. You have no idea how close we came to total disaster. Four more years of Carter would have destroyed this nation.

    You call me delusional. Well Sir, you must include the majority of Americans in that perception. Reagan comes out on top in every ‘fair’ poll that I have ever seen. Fair being the key word. Socialist only polls do not count 🙂

    My advice to you Sir, stop getting your facts from the talking heads on TV. They are majority anti-American socialist with an agenda that never leads to truth or fact.

    Thanks again for the comments. Have a great day 🙂

  4. SirKnob says:

    Gee.. now I am delusional and brainwashed. Sir, your socialist alinski tactics of personal attacks will get you no where in life.

    Unlike you, I live in the real World. I take personal responsibility for my own actions. I do not need the governement making my decisions for me and I do not need MSNBC telling what to think.

    Can you honestly tell me that you believe we need to increases taxes 1.6 Trillion dollars in order to balance the budget. In reality, the tax increase would be over 2 Trillion if we wanted to pay down the debt.

    You believe we should just let government run our lives, tell us what to wear, what to eat, what medical procedures we have, when to go bed, how to have sex, etc.. etc.. etc… that there should be no reward for personal achievments, that we should only reward those that do not want to work? Its been tried several times throughout history and it has always ended in a spectacular failure that ended up bringing pain, suffering, starvation and death to very people it was designed to help.

    Hitler ran on the Socialist ticket. People ceded rights and power to him for benefits. We see how that turned out.

    After you take away everyones money, their reward for hard work and their ability to earn, where does the money for your Socialist programs come from. Who decides who eats and who starves, the government? That worked out well for Soviet farmers under Stalin. He took all their food, starved them to death and then took over their farms. Do you rejoice at this? This is our future under Socialism.

    Sir, I work in DC. I see people like you everyday. They wake up, take a hot shower, ride the subway to work, stop for coffee & a danish. Show up in their offices without a clue as to what it took from outside DC to get them there. They think the city provides everything clean and green. They have no idea where the electricity comes from, where the materials come from, where the food comes from. To them the city is self sustaining and nothing else matters. They toss our tax dollars around like monopoly money and simply demand more when they have thrown it all away. No one measures results, no one cares. They can always get more from the taxpayers, or simply borrow more from China. They could care less either way, after all, they are getting paid.

    You support that kind of stupidity and then call me delusional and brainwashed. Sir, in the kindest regard, you must have a defect that will not allow you to process fact or truth. Or is it simply that your hatred of anything conservative will not allow you to see the truth.

    Because the facts and the truth are, if the government continues to waste money, as I have noted, our country will fail. What then? After you have starved and killed the sheep dog, who protects you when the wolves come?

    Raising taxes without serious reductions in government spending will result in industrys fleeing to other countries (like they did when Carter was president) and tax revenues will decrease. That is history, that is factual, that is the truth. Simply look to California as an example. California has become one huge socialist failed state. They continue to increase spending, increase taxes, create business unfriendly laws and seem amazed as business and skilled labor move away. It will continue to get worse until they make some serious changes (reduce taxes & spending).

    That is truth and fact based on history and current events. If you find that you are incapable of processing it, then that does not make me the one who is delusional and brainwashed.

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Ben Hoffman says:

      [Hitler ran on the Socialist ticket. People ceded rights and power to him for benefits.]

      You’re a complete moron if you think Hitler was a socialist. He hated socialists and communists, but he loved corporations that funneled money into his coffers. Yes, his party was called the National-Socialist Party but if you think he had a socialist agenda, you’ve been watching far too much Glenn Beck.

      [Raising taxes without serious reductions in government spending will result in industrys fleeing to other countries (like they did when Carter was president) and tax revenues will decrease. That is history, that is factual, that is the truth.]

      Is that what happened after Clinton raised taxes? I could have sworn we had a booming economy in the 90s.

  5. SirKnob says:

    Okay, that is the third time you have personnally attacked me. You are apparently incapable of a discussion without personal attacks.

    Hitler did run on the Socialist ticket. He backed labor unions too. Once in power, he became a dictator and banned the unions. That is what Socialism ultimately leads to when you give up all your rights for benefits. History.

    Yes, Clinton raised some taxes, he also lowered some and created a few new ones. However, he did not raise taxes 1.6 Trillion dollars, did he? He and Gingrich also reduced spending on Social programs like welfare. Remember that Welfare reform that mandated you should work if able. Conservative thinking like that could solve many our budget problems without raising taxes to waste.

    Again, look at California, Detroit (a failed socialist experiment) New York, they raise taxes without reductions in spending and income producers leave. Ultimately, they end up with less revenue. It is like taxing tobacco. They raise the tax, budget for spending the estimated increase before they have, but more people quit smoking, so they never get the revenue they estimated. It is that simple.

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