Sen Rand Paul – My Toilets Do Not Work

This is probably one of the best things that I have heard a politician say in a long time.  Sen Rand Paul asks the DOE rep why they (environuts) believe in freedom of choice when it comes to social issues, but not when it comes to allowing consumers to choose what they want.

Of course she never answers his question, because she knows that he is exactly right on every issue.  They take away our choice and force us to buy items that do not work as well, cost more money and are made overseas.  They put Americans out of business, workers out of jobs and enrich other countries all in the name of saving energy, when the truth is just the opposite. 

The light bulb is the best example.  Little notice was given to the fact that the last light bulb company in the United States closed its’ doors last September as their product can no longer be manufactured.   Selling out to GE, the DOE and Congress decided that the simple light bulb that has served us well for so many years must be replaced with a mercury filled ecological disaster that not only costs us ten times more to purchase, but distorts colors, takes up to a minute to warm up and produce adequate light, will propably end up doing permanent damage to our vision and, of course, is made in China.

These people must really hate Americans, because they certainly do not believe in the freedom of consumer choice, keeping Americans working or the production of American made products.

As a side note, there is a bill in the House to overturn the outlawing of the light bulb.  Though, on the slight chance it would ever pass the Senate, or Obama would ever sign it, it is too little too late to save American jobs.  Mission accomplished DOE.


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