Mr. President, End The Drilling Moratorium Now Please

As the price of gasoline nears 4 dollars a gallon, can anyone tell my why this President continues to deny oil drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico? 

With tens of thousands of people out of work in the Gulf region thanks to Obama’s anti-drill policies, oil supplies from the middle east questionable due to conflicts (many of which he created), as he helps the radical jihadist take over Egypt and their oil supplies, as Russia begins backing off on oil production in order to increase their profits, I could go and on, how does the one that speaks with the forked tongue, our lying President, Commander and Cheat, manage to distort reality, lie about the obvious, and continue to deny Americans access to their own natural resources, while he invests our tax dollars into the development of energy in other countries, who will then charge us through the nose for energy, and never be expected to pay us back?

Where is the president’s deficit reducing budget plan that he lied about during his latest campaign speech  (because it does not exist in the real world, it only exists in his imagination, and God forbid the media call him out on this total lie to the American People)?  Where are the new energy technologies he promised?  Where is the change the for the better?  Where is balanced budget?  Where are the new revenues?  Where are the promised jobs?  In fact, where is the president with three wars, the middle east in turmoil, Southern states burying their dead from recent tornadoes and unemployment at 9%?

You guessed it 🙂  He is goofing off, playing golf, and blaming others while he does absolutely nothing in order to solve our nation’s problems.  Much less deal with the energy issues at hand.  In fact, this is his 64th round of taxpayer-funded golf since his taking office.  And yes, he already has two more taxpayer funded, billionaire lifestyle, vacations planned.  Go figure. 

After all, I mean life has its’ priorities and concern for the American people is certainly not one of his.  The question is why?

The answer is obvious.  He hates Americans almost as much as he loves himself.  Afterall, he cannot be bothered with the concerns of the little people.  He has campaigning to do.  Besides the golf courses are open and he cannot be bothered with anything other than sports, his taxpayer-funded billionaire lifestyle, free vacations and of course blaming others for his failure to lead on any major issue.  And why should he?  Afterall, we cannot expect the lame stream media, or the Socialist Democrats, to hold him accountable for anything.   Apparently he has a lifetime pass due to the soicialist political correctiveness, or some other liberal stupidity, that will not allow them see truth, much less speak truth to power.   Any attempt to blame Mr. Lying Empty Suit for doing absolutely nothing to solve our problems will simply be labled as racism.

So, once again, while the nation suffers, our empty suit lying president is voting present, doing nothing positive, and we pay the consequences for his stupidities.  Thank you Socialist America Hating Liberals and thank you train wreck loving, anti-American, lame stream media

2012 cannot come soon enough.  In the meantime, do not stand idly by while this moron and his marxist clones continue to sell America’s future generations into financial slavery and servitude.  Speak up.  Let them hear your voice.  Do not go quietly into the night.   Why go quietly, when you can go screaming like a banshee and making liberal heads explode as their overloaded brains, incapable of processing facts or logic, contiune to grasp onto a fantasy, and they fail miserably in their attempts to provide logical justifications that support their insane arguments and policies.


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