Andrew Klavan Offers ‘How To Behave During An Islamic Masacare’

Andrew Klavan, one of my favorites, brings realism to the stupid liberal idea that we should appease Islam in order to keep them from getting mad at us. 

Of course, every liberal knows that whenever they burn a bible, urinate on a cross, or burn American flag, they do it to purposely provoke a reaction from the right.   The right does not chase down liberals in the street and behead them, nor do they stab their infant children to death because they have not bowed down and offered respect for those that disagree with their religion.

Radical Islam does all these things.  However, the leftist and the lame stream media are to chickenshift to call them out on it.   As a matter of fact, they often refuse to even report on the radical islamic killing of Christians and Jews, much less their stoning of innocent women, because they fear reprisal.

Instead, they support those that want to kill us and destroy every freedom on the planet.  One day, when the lame stream and liberal pacifist are no longer of any use to the cause, radical Islam will turn on them.   I often wonder if Daniel Pearls last thoughts were ‘hey, why me, I helped you guys.  I was on your side’.



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