This Is My Desire – Dami Im


Hello all, I hope this finds you well 🙂  I stumbled across Dami Im and her story while searching guitar sets on youtube.  I watched her first audition on X factor Australia.  She was quirky, shy and lovable.  When I heard her sing it floored me.  What a pleasant surprise.   I had to know more.

It is the story of a young Korean Australian Christian, her love of music and her husband Noah.   A young woman who walked onto the audition stage at X factor 2013 and stole the hearts of the judges and fans.  This woman’s singing has stirred emotions in me that I thought were long gone.

I will not ruin the journey for you by posting her story here.   I will post this video and follow it up with her X Factor audition.  This is a beautiful story that continues to improve.  I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I.  It gives me hope and lets me know that there is a God that loves us and that great things continue to happen to good people.

If you ever read this Ms Dami Im, thank you, I love you, and God Bless you and keep you safe and happy on this journey 🙂

This song predates her X Factor appearance.  It is loving, pure and powerful.  It moved me as I hope it moves you 🙂


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