I find it somewhat amusing, somewhat alarming, in the attacks being levied by both sides of the Cruz and Trump campaigns, not to mention the drive by media and government establishment cronies. Though reluctant to enter the fray, once again, I feel that someone needs to step up and ask/answer a few questions.  Maybe provoke a little more thought into the decision-making process 🙂

First, I think either candidate is preferable to what is being offered from the other side.   With both Hillary and Bernie promising trillions of new dollars in lavish new spending, based on the proven non productive policies of past and current thinking, the middle class will continue to slide into poverty.   After all, a country that is not producing enough revenue to pays its’ bills, simply cannot survive by going even further in debt for little to no gain and no plan to change direction.


That being said, let us have  a look at my ‘personal’ thoughts on the pluses and minuses of each candidate.  First, let me try to add a bit of reality to the accusations of Lying Ted and Angry Donald.

After reviewing the accusations of Lying Ted I find it difficult to see them as anything more than what passes for political theater these days.  The whole approach is designed to get a candidate off message and have them expend time and resources responding to accusations that are purposely taken out of context.  It puts them on the defensive and prevents them from getting a positive message out.

Did Senator Cruz’s campaign issue a false report stating that Dr. Carson was stopping his campaign. Yes, but it was based on a news media report that mis-interpreted Dr. Carson when he stated that he was going home.  He was going home to visit, not for good, but a reporter did put out a web story, later retracted, stating that Dr. Carson was suspending his campaign.  So I give can give Lying Ted a pass on that one.

Senator Cruz’s campaign manager also made quite a few mis-steps on Ted’s behalf, which ultimately resorted to the campaign manager resigning.

Did Senator Cruz attempt to amend the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.  Why yes, he did.  But, his efforts where not in support of the bill.  His efforts were a political attempt to expose the misleading elements of the bill.  Supporters of the bill immediately balked at Ted’s amendments, even though the amendments clearly stated what the supporters of bill had previously said they would support.   But, they didn’t really support it, because they balked and refused to support Senator Cruz’s efforts.  Which is exactly why Senator Cruz sponsored the amendments in the first place.  In order to expose the lies of others.  This was pure politics.  There is a reason that the term politics has become a four letter word.  So I have to give Senator Cruz a pass on that one, he has been consistent in regards to immigration issues.


Angry Donald is one of many of the roles Mr. Trump’s plays.  Mr. Trump knows how to play the media game.  He is better at it than most, and it has saved him millions of dollars in advertising costs, as the media keeps him in the spotlight.  Keeps him relevant.  As for Angry Donald, there is also Conservative Donald, Liberal Donald, Compassionate Donald and Business Donald.  There are probably a few more Donalds that were are not aware of. These are roles that Mr. Trump uses, and uses effectively, to his advantage.  Who is the real Donald.  Based on past history, a shrewd and capable business investor, fiscally conservative, but socially moderate, who does honestly believe that he necessary skills and knowledge in order to turn this country around financially.

As for the Violent David issue.  When violence seems to follow certain people around, at some point, you have to realize that those people are probably the source of the problem.  Violence has surrounded the protesters, whether protesting Trump, the color of the school flag, the fact that Barney is purple, etc…  at every event they stage.  Almost every venue that these, professionally paid, protesters show up at, ends in some type of violence or public disturbance.  They purposely punish innocent people in order to get their message out.  Be it blocking traffic, shutting down events, to full-scale burning and looting, I have to blame to the protesters, not Donald Trump or his supporters.


My pros for each candidate.

Mr. Trump is a capable businessman.  He believes in this country.  He has the knowledge and ability to make investments in the right areas.  Investments that will provide industrial growth, jobs, increased revenues and overall financial health.  He will support the military and provide adequate defense.  He will negotiate fair treaties. He will control the borders.

Senator Cruz is capable statesman.  A dependable, track record proven, conservative.  He came to the senate and did what he promised he would do (rare for any politician these days)  He will support the military and provide adequate defense.  He will negotiate fair treaties. He will control the borders.  He will appoint conservative justices.

My cons for each candidate.

Mr. Trump is a business man who believes in the art of the deal.  He will wheel and deal.  He will give things away to established government on both sides in order to get what he wants.  What he will give away is what concerns me.  How far will he go to make a deal?

Mr. Trump is also a risk taker.  He has built and lost fortunes worth billions of dollars over his lifetime.  What gambles is he willing to take with America’s future?  He is also highly reactive, will he fully consider the ramifications of taking an action before taking the action?  Will he reign in establishment government and get them back to supporting the people vice the billionaire social elites?

I also get the feeling that Mr. Trump would prefer moderate justices.

Senator Cruz is an attorney.  Will he support tort reform?  Tort reform would take much of the power away from the trial attorneys who suck the life out of our economy by filing one frivolous lawsuit after another realizing that most companies, right or wrong, will find it cheaper to settle out of court and avoid negative press.  When companies pay out money, on frivolous lawsuits, the cost is passed on to the consumer and of course less company profit results in less company taxes paid.  These actions results in losses to the economy, investments, employment, tax revenues, etc.. and increase the costs of everything we do.  Very few people understand that every time you make a purchase, visit a doctor, see a show, you are paying for legal fees mostly generated by, or in defense of, frivolous lawsuits.

Will Senator Cruz be able to bring his party in line with the needs of the nation, or will his time in office simply be four years of war with establishment government and billionaire social elites?  He and the senate majority leader have issues which need to be resolved.  I have no doubt that Ted can work with he house, but the senate is another story.

As an aside, why is it that we send lawyers to Washington DC in order to write our laws.  Lawyers do not write laws for the people.  Lawyers write laws for Lawyers.  In law school, lawyers are taught three basic principles.  First, win, win at any cost.  Second, get paid.  Third, create as much work for other lawyers as possible.  At the end of the day, lawyers only want to afford the public with ‘one right’.  The right to hire a lawyer.  Why else would they write simple laws, in direct violation of the rules for writing laws, using so many pages of legal double speak.  Because, the intent is clear, if you want to understand, or be compensated, or gain the rights, under the law, you ‘must’ hire an attorney.  Please stop sending attorneys to Washington DC.  The government is full, we have ‘way’ too many now 🙂


Back to the issue at hand 🙂

So these are my thoughts.  Both men are good candidates and both men come with the questions we would have for any candidate.  If we could meld them into one candidate, Trump’s business sense combined with Cruz’s knowledge and statesmanship, the results would provide, I believe, the ideal candidate.

That being said, at this point in time, I tend to support the more conservative Cruz as he is more predicable.  However, I will support either candidate in their run for the presidency.  Hopefully, when the dust clears, we will end up with both men running as a team.  If that not be the case, I believe there is room in any administration for the talents of both men.


Hope you have a great day 🙂

BTW:  Know I will catch flak from all three sides on this one.  I have to upgrade my body armor 🙂



4 Responses to TED OR DONALD – A COIN FLIP OR?

  1. Janelle Humbert says:

    This is possibly the best analysis of this insane political season I’ve read. Strike that….it is the best one! It has been as twisted as a slinky. And it isn’t over!
    Glad to see you back, Sir!

    • SirKnob says:

      Hi Ms Janelle,
      I hope this finds you well and in good spirits 🙂
      Thank you for the kind words of support. I apologize for the typos. I proof read it twice. I guess that I am out of practice.
      I guess that I will have to proof read the next one three times 🙂
      Hope you have a great day 🙂

  2. Janelle Humbert says:

    I haven’t seen typos?
    And we can’t allow anymore good blogs to disappear. We have lost too many already. The mediocre is nothing but a propaganda machine for the District of Criminals…..some of us look for news and viewpoints elsewhere.
    Yu are most welcome!

  3. SirKnob says:

    Hi Ms Janelle, thanks again for your kind comments. I am working on conspiracy theory. Will probably get me a lot of flack, but may open an eye or two. I just need to research one more clue 🙂
    Hope you have a great day 🙂

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