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From time to time odd thoughts cross my mind and I find myself dwelling in conspiracy theory.  The problem with most conspiracy theories is that the facts, or basis, of theory are seldom facts, or based on sound principles.  In other words, most of them are bunk.

In that regard, when I first became concerned with this thought I decided to do a little background, check the possibilities and make sure that I was developing a theory based on principles, reality and this misnomer of them all, dirty politics.  Politics, the dirty diaper that makes all things possible.  That being said, here we go 🙂


Could President Obama simply choose our next president?  Yes, he absolutely could.  The only wild card being that, Hillary must win the election.

We have heard the President, the head of the department of in-justice and Hillary herself say that Hillary will not be indited in regards to the email scandal.  Well, the DOJ did not come right out and say it, she merely heavily hinted that it was not likely to happen.  After all, she is an attorney.  Cannot expect a straight answer from an attorney without making a cash deposit 🙂

Meanwhile, I have it on good intelligence that the FBI is conducting a full investigation into Hillary’s email scandal. They have seized multiple records and evidence from several sources.  We are given every reason to believe that the FBI will recommend charges against Hillary and her top aides.   Most likely she will be charged for violation of the espionage act, not to mention, pay for play, for giving favorable consideration, by the Dept of State, to those that made donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Will the Department of justice indite Hillary?  The answer is no.  President Obama will not let them.  Just like Lois Lerner, that famous IRS criminal, the Department of in-injustice will simply claim prosecutor’s discretion and not indite.  At least not right away.  Not until the election is over.  Here is why?

Obama has made, or will make, a deal with Hillary.  If she will allow Obama to pick her VP running mate, he will assure her that the FBI charges will never see the light of day and that he, himself, will vigorously campaign for, using all his available assets.

Hillary, taking into account that, once she is in office, the Department of in-justice will be forced to do her bidding, and that she can then protect herself,  has already, or will soon, agree.

With Obama’s support and assets, her support and assets, and the drive by media backing her up, Hillary will start the election with somewhere near 47% of the vote.  She need only convince 4% to 6% of the lower information voters that her opponent, whomever, is pure evil and she will win the election.  Finally breaking that final glass ceiling (although we have never actually seen a glass ceiling, people seem to believe it is there somewhere).


Then, just after the election, well, let’s guess December 7th, another day of infamy, the Department of Injustice hands down an indite against Hillary for violation of the espionage act.  Boom.

The president, wanting to distance himself, elects to hand the indite over to a special prosecutor outside the authority of the dept of in-justice. The dept of in-justice then hands over all documents and evidence to the special prosecutor.  By doing so, Hillary loses all access to the evidence and cannot stop the process once she is ordained into office.

After the coronation, once Hillary makes history as the first female President of the United States, out comes the special prosecutor with all the evidence and charges on public display. Eventually, and it may take six months, Hillary will be forced to resign in order to defend herself.

Then whomever Obama picks as Hillary’s running mate will be the President of the United States.

But, and here is the final rub, Hillary will not face prosecution.  Whomever Obama picks to be the next president will, having made a deal with Obama, benevolently offer Hillary a full pardon due to her declining health, or some other issue, while referring her years of sacrifice in service to the public, her value as role model, etc.. .  He will simply say, in the best interest of the public and America’s image, let’s just sweep this under the rug.  And the public will agree.

Obama can pick the next president.  All it takes is politics and he has loads of that 🙂


So there it is friends.  My conspiracy theory of the moment.  Hope you have a really great day 🙂



  1. Janelle Humbert says:

    I can’t believe this jackass was elected once….let alone twice. Hopey-changey sociopath. A 15 minute web search in 07 told me everything I needed to know. Gag.

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