Sonnie Johnson At The Repeal Rally

May 1, 2012

Ms Sonnie Johnson brings it at the Obamacare Repeal Rally.  Powerful stuff  🙂



If I Wanted America To Fail

April 30, 2012

“If I Wanted America To Fail” or better known as the Obama guide to the destruction of the middle class and the creation of a socialist elitist ran slave colony.   Change you can believe in.

Reagan VS Obama

April 30, 2012

Reagan VS Obama.   A bit dated, but still effective 🙂



Did Virginia Apply The Law Properly To GOP Candidates?

December 26, 2011

The recent disqualification of GOP Presidential Candidates may have been in error.  Gingrich, Perry, Bachman and others had their petitions denied based upon the failure of each of the signatures to be accompanied by the addresses of the petitioners.

Virginia law requires that each candidate for president submit a petition of 10,000 signatures, at least 400 from each congressional district, of Virginia residents who support their petition for president.  But, there is a difference in the requirement depending upon whether or not the candidate is affiliated with a National Party. 

The law requires a petitioner’s address when the group does not constitute a political party:

§ 24.2-543. How other groups may submit names of electors; oaths of electors.

A group of qualified voters, not constituting a political party as defined in § 24.2-101, may have the

names of electors selected by them, including one elector residing in each congressional district and two

from the Commonwealth at large, printed upon the official ballot to be used in the election of electors

for President and Vice President by filing a petition pursuant to this section. The petition shall be filed

with the State Board by noon of the seventy-fourth day before the presidential election. The petition

shall be signed by at least 10,000 qualified voters and include signatures of at least 400 qualified voters

from each congressional district. The petition shall be signed by petitioners on and after January 1 of the

year of the presidential election only and contain the residence address of each petitioner. The signature

of each petitioner shall be witnessed by a person who is a qualified voter, or qualified to register to vote,

and whose affidavit to that effect appears on each page of the petition. The petition shall state the names

of the electors selected by the petitioners, the party name under which they desire the named electors to

be listed on the ballot, and the names of the candidates for President and Vice President for whom the

electors are required to vote in the Electoral College.

A similar requirement for the inclusion of a petitioner’s address does not appear when the candidate is seeking the nomination of a national party. 

B. Any person seeking the nomination of the national political party for the office of President of the

United States, or any group organized in this Commonwealth on behalf of, and with the consent of such

person, may file with the State Board petitions signed by at least 10,000 qualified voters, including at

least 400 qualified voters from each congressional district in the Commonwealth, who attest that they

intend to participate in the primary of the same political party as the candidate for whom the petitions

are filed. Such petitions shall be filed with the State Board by the primary filing deadline. The petitions

shall be on a form prescribed by the State Board and shall be sealed in one or more containers to which

is attached a written statement giving the name of the presidential candidate and the number of

signatures on the petitions contained in the containers.

I could be wrong, but I firmly believe that the decision to disqualify candidates based on the lack of an address will be overturned on appeal.

If not anything else, I gave you something to think about 🙂

CRNC Asks “What’s Your Plan”

July 30, 2011

The College Republican National Committee produced this short video.  I’ve had it put aside for some time now, but it has since gained more relevance.   Silly me 🙂

This Ray Stevens video should bring a smile or two.  It may be a repeat, but again, it has gained new relevance.  Enjoy 🙂


Sen. Marco Rubio Speaks Truth To Power On Senate Floor

July 30, 2011

Even though I am fully engaged elsewhere I was going to write on this very important issue.  However, Senator Marco Rubio nails it before I do.  This is by far one of the best speeches I have heard on this issue.   It is defining, eye-opening and places the issue directly in the open for all to see and hear. 

The back and forth with Senator John Kerry is insightful.   It helps to frame what some believe to be a different delta.  The major point everyone seems to be missing is this.  Whether we raise the debt ceiling, or not, if we do not reduce the deficit spending we will lose our good credit ratings and end paying more for credit, which will increase the amount of interest paid and decrease the amount available for other programs.  

Still, Harry Reid will not allow a vote on a bi-partisan balance budget amendment.   Do they really need to blow through 2.9 Trillion dollars in under two years in order to sway the 2012 election in their favor?  Yes, that is the intent.  To blow through 2.9 Trillion dollars by 2013.  

That is what Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the President are demanding.  More money, more government programs, more government employees and even more government power.  As they wasted almost 5 trillion dollars on government, they invested less than 1 billion in small business.  As they bailed out Wall Street millionaires, they invested nothing in main street.  More government will only lead to a larger deficit.  How do these people sleep at night?  It makes me wonder if they are even capable of taking care of themselves outside of the fairy tale land they see themselves in.


The Greatest Play In Baseball

April 25, 2011

I lifted this from Weasel Zippers.  Seen it, wanted it, reposted it.  Watch Rick Monday save Old Glory from the radical left.