About The Moniker SirKnob

Some often ask why I blog under the name SirKnob.  What hidden meanings there may be, or what lies underneath the name.  The simple answer is none.  It is just a name I have become accustomed to.

Back in the days before the internet we used ‘dial up’ BBS.  Bulletin board areas where people like myself would go to chat, play games and kill away the long lonely nights at the blistering speed of 2400 baud.  

The majority of the bulletin boards would allow you to choose a name as you entered.  Some offered free service, but  the betters ones usually charged by the hour, which could become quite expensive over time.   A good thing I saved my pennies.

Then along came AOL and the free trials & frills.  AOL had both member and private rooms.  It soon became the perfect place for role play.  I joined a role-playing guild and took on the AOL persona of SirRodney.   The brave, fearless, and often clueless, character from The Wizard of Id.

I later left AOL to try other sites like Compuserve, Prodigy, etc…  Due to other obligations I went away from the net for a while.  When I returned I was unable to recover the screen name SirRodney.  I wanted something witty, something fun provoking, and finally settled on the name SirKnob.

SirKnob was a Don Quixote type of knight.  He played hard, told tall tells and fought fierce dragon looking things such as wagons, large furnishings and milk cows.  A fool’s luck protected him.  When it came time for jousting  It seemed his horse was sick, he was plagued by boils or he had a painful hangnail on his sword hand.   He managed to survive and become a colonel of the glorious honor brigade.  He may have been promoted to general, but as fate would have it, on the day he should ride into glory, he was knocked unconscious by the overstressed popping breast cloth button of the queen as he knelt before her in order to receive her blessing before battle.  His sword and shield are mounted in a place of glory, in a hallowed hall, that few will remember.

As time progressed, and the internet went public, SirKnob made friends and exchanged e-mails with others all around the globe.  Later, when the dark side of the net became popular, when anything proceeded by the title ‘Sir’ took on a new meaning, SirKnob, being the stubborn type, refused to change his screen persona with the times.  Besides that, his damaged brain could not keep up with the ever-changing e-mail addresses of his online friends.

So, today he remains SirKnob.  No extra meaning, no extra intent.  Just a moniker that he has become accustomed to 🙂 


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