CRNC Asks “What’s Your Plan”

July 30, 2011

The College Republican National Committee produced this short video.  I’ve had it put aside for some time now, but it has since gained more relevance.   Silly me 🙂

This Ray Stevens video should bring a smile or two.  It may be a repeat, but again, it has gained new relevance.  Enjoy 🙂



Sen. Marco Rubio Speaks Truth To Power On Senate Floor

July 30, 2011

Even though I am fully engaged elsewhere I was going to write on this very important issue.  However, Senator Marco Rubio nails it before I do.  This is by far one of the best speeches I have heard on this issue.   It is defining, eye-opening and places the issue directly in the open for all to see and hear. 

The back and forth with Senator John Kerry is insightful.   It helps to frame what some believe to be a different delta.  The major point everyone seems to be missing is this.  Whether we raise the debt ceiling, or not, if we do not reduce the deficit spending we will lose our good credit ratings and end paying more for credit, which will increase the amount of interest paid and decrease the amount available for other programs.  

Still, Harry Reid will not allow a vote on a bi-partisan balance budget amendment.   Do they really need to blow through 2.9 Trillion dollars in under two years in order to sway the 2012 election in their favor?  Yes, that is the intent.  To blow through 2.9 Trillion dollars by 2013.  

That is what Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the President are demanding.  More money, more government programs, more government employees and even more government power.  As they wasted almost 5 trillion dollars on government, they invested less than 1 billion in small business.  As they bailed out Wall Street millionaires, they invested nothing in main street.  More government will only lead to a larger deficit.  How do these people sleep at night?  It makes me wonder if they are even capable of taking care of themselves outside of the fairy tale land they see themselves in.