Public Unions Are A Plain and Simple Theft Of Taxpayer Dollars

February 25, 2011

First, out of the box, I am a current federal employee.   I am not a union member.

There is a huge difference between public and private unions.  Private unions represent union members in negotiations with business for the purpose of maintaining pay and benefits for the union members that are employed by that business.  Both business and employees are represented at these negotiations.

Public unions represent government employees in negotiations with politicians for the purpose of maintaining employee pay and benefits.  The person paying the bill, the taxpayer, is not represented at these negotiations.

As they have in all elections, Public unions spent millions of dollars supporting Socialist Democrat candidates during the 2010 elections with the expected result that there would be further increases in the power of the unions.  The taxpayer monies that they spent over the years in order to support union friendly Socialist Democrats should have gone into the accounts that fund employee benefits.  They have not. 

When the 2010 election results did not come out as expected the public unions immediately realized that they were in trouble.  They do not have the monies necessary to fund the benefits they have promised.  They spent them campaigning for more power, more government employees, more excesses, basically more Socialism and more tax dollars. 

Public unions are a pure and simple theft of taxpayer dollars that are then used to elect union friendly Socialist Democrats.    The union friendly Socialist Democrats will cave to the whims of the powerful public unions, impose unfair taxes and hardships upon small business owners and taxpayers in order to pay larger union benefits, which result in larger union dues, which ultimately result in more money and more votes for Socialist Democrats.  It is a good old boy network of ‘you scratch my back and I will scratch yours’.

Again, it is the ‘theft’ of the taxpayer’s dollar in order to backwards fund Socialist Democrat support and keep the union friendly Democrats in power.  Let me explain how this works.  

First, taxes are collected in order to pay for government services.   Government employees are hired and paid for with the tax dollars.   Government employees are forced to pay union dues from the pay they receive from taxpayer dollars.  The money that the union collects, which is taxpayer dollars, will then be used to pay the high salaries of union bosses, fund the union thug protests, and fill the campaign coffers of the Socialist Democrats that promise to provide even more taxpayer money for the unions and increases in the number of union employee and union employee benefits.  Again, the taxpayer is not represented.

Public unions are funded with taxpayer monies.  While public employees claim to pay taxes and union dues, their pay comes from a mixture of federal, state and local tax dollars.  Therefore, the union dues being paid are taxpayer dollars that are being diverted into the union coffers based on the laws that the union friendly Socialist Democrats create in order to keep the money coming into their campaign in order to maintain support for their Socialist ideals.

It is legalized theft.  Pure and simple.  The government dictates that employees must pay the union dues, then they inflate not only the employee wages and benefits in order to increase the size of the unions take, but also purposely increase the size and scope of government in order to hire more employees, who will pay even more union dues.  They do this knowing full well that millions of taxpayer dollars will be diverted from the unions into the coffers of the Socialist Democrat campaign machine.  It is simply using taxpayer dollars in order to fund Socialist politicians.

The government gets larger.  The union fat cats get richer.  The Socialist Democrats stay in power.  The number of union employees constantly increase as they gain benefits that far exceed the private sector.   Taxpayers get the bill (shaft).

Socialist Democrats constantly scream for tax increases.  Not only to increase the funding of their Socialist programs, but more importantly, to increase the number of government workers paying public union dues.  Though I could pick any government program, lets look at one of the biggies, Education.

Education is by  far the largest example of government waste on the planet.   We are constantly increasing the amount of tax dollars that are used to fund education.  Yet, for some reason the increases never make it into the classrooms.  The monies are usurped along the way in order to fund the new employees, the majority of which do not educate, so they can pay their union dues.  

As many failed school districts hide the fact that they have more school employees than students, the school administrators, who by the way make six figures a year and can retire with better benefits than our military, will blame the lack of student improvement, the ever-increasing rates of student failure and student dropout rates, on a lack of funding.    This is a bold face lie.   They were never focused on real education, they simply desire to steal more taxpayer dollars.

While the intent of many teachers is to educate, the intent of the modern education system is not to produce educated students.  Why?  Because educated students make smart choices.

The purpose of the modern education system is to indoctrinate student behavior, control student exposure to fact and logic, while instilling Socialist values and ensuring that the majority of the students will be comfortable supporting socialist behaviors.  Basically, to maintain the status quote, keep the unions fat & happy, while keeping those taxpayer dollars flowing into the Socialist Democrat coffers and keeping Socialist Democrats in power.

The Socialist Democrats are using the taxpayer dollars in order to support the public unions, who then use the taxpayer dollars in order to support the Socialist Democrats, who will empower the unions  so they can cheat the taxpayer out of even more taxpayer dollars, that will be used to support Socialist Democrats.  It is one vicious theft circle that does not have to be. 

On a national average, taxpayer funding of education results in only 5 cents on the dollar making it into the classroom, with no accountability of results.   We waste billions as our younger generations are indoctrinated in socialist ideals and robbed of the education that the taxpayers were forced to pay for, many of them never even knowing that they are not only being robbed, but supporting a failed system were the rules are purposely designed to rob them of much more than their money.

As I said earlier.  I am not in a union.  The federal government automatically deduct a percentage of my income in order to help pay the costs of my retirement benefits.  I pay for my health and dental insurance.   I cannot retire until age 62 (66 and 1/2 for full social security).  If I retire with 20 years federal service I will receive approximately 20% of the annual average of my highest paid three years.   A six figure income average would result in a retirement of 20k a year.

While Wisconsin educators, who by the way only work 9 months out of the year, are complaining about paying a small percentage in order to obtain an 80% retirement, I look at the reality around me and realize how fortunate I am.   There will be no pay raise for federal employees over the next two years and I am okay with that. 

And while I do not buy into the distorted claims of inflated federal employee compensation (you cannot compare McDonald’s to Federal Service), I agree that concessions must be made for the good of the country.  And the very first concessions must start with the Public Unions.

Public Unions are a theft of taxpayers dollars that are used to punish the taxpayers.  While government employees deserve a form of representation, the primary employer (the taxpayers) deserve honest representation as well.  The current status quote of Unions supporting politicians must come to an end.  The Public Unions must go.


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This is a message for all Americans not only those that drink the  Kool ade of Liberalism.

The Knob will be back to regular posting soon.    There is much to talk about.   From the latest flub of the Carter Obama administration and his handing over of  Iran Egypt to Islamic Terrorist, to the recent announcement that Sen Webb cannot win will not run in Virginia.  I hope to have time to write on each subject.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone.

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